maandag 5 september 2011

Gyaru Fashion show @ Abunai Presented by HYPER

For those of you who haven't watched the video, I would like to show you the pictures of the fashion show we had at the dutch anime convention Abunai ^^,

Velvet Bat (Hostess)                                   Velvet bat & Juu

            Juu (Host)                                         Juu & Charlotte

Charlotte (HimeGyaru)                         Charlotte & Me

Me (Himegyaru)                                 Me & Reiko

                  Reiko (Bohemian)                     Reiko & Our newest member Elise!

Elise (Retro Girly/ Vintage)                        Elise & Kari

Kari (TutuHA inspired Rock)                      Kari & Josephine

Josephine (TutuHA inspired)                Josephine & Jessica

Jessica (Ora ora)                     Jessica & Estherbel

Estherbel (Manba) And her amazone legs *0*                Estherbel & Velvetbat

Velvetbat ( Rokku)                   Velvetbat & Juu

Juu (Onii-kei Gyaru-o)                      Juu & Charlotte

Charlotte (Agejo)             Charlotte & Reiko

Reiko (Bohemian)                 Reiko & Elise

Elise ( Shibuhara)                 Elise & Josephine

Josephine (Amekaji)              Josephine & Kari

Kari (Mode)                        Kari & Jessica

Jessica (Onee)

Juu & Velvetbat

Josephine & Elise

Jessica & Kari

Estherbel & Reiko

Me & Charlotte

That's it for the pictures of the fashionshow! Thank you for watching them ^^ And I want to give another shoutout to all my girl from HYPER for looking absolutely fabulous and sexy and helping to make this show a big succes  ^^, More info about the members can be found on the HYPER website! For the credits of the photographer please visit the link that is pictured in bottom corner of the pictures ^^,

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  1. thanks for showing this! i always read my blogs at work (i'm a bad employee...) and videos are blocked here and then i always forget to check them at home so... i couldn't see it. you guys did really well!! i've seen other "gyaru" performances from conventions and stuff and they pretty much always suck, but you guys did good representing the styles!

  2. really cool - it would be great if we had such a fahion show in germany too!!

  3. LOVE this blog post! Love seeing all the different styles of Gyaru and the outfits! Such inspiration! x