zondag 4 september 2011

Handmade D.I.A Inspired belts~

So lately I've been crafting some of my own D.I.A belts~ I absolutely adore their belts but they are really expensive and I'm probably way to big for them, so I thought; Adding some golden chains to a belt, how hard could it be? Well, not hard at all xD


I've figured these belts really make the outfit, if you wear an awesome belt like this your outfit instantly gaines more awesomeness. So therefore, I decided to make some myself!  

Remember this belt from my last Gets post?
I've now transformed it tooooo; THIS!

A crappy picture of me wearing it~

   I'm so in love with this one and I'm so happy that I finally made it! After making this one, I had decided to make another one! This time, in silver, because gold doesn't always work in outfits~

So I transformed this old belt tooo;

And both of them~

I really love both of my belts and really, it was damn easy to make, everyone can do this xD No need to spend 200 euros, woohooo! XD

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Zomg this is amaazing! I've always wanted belts like these <3 You should totally do a tutorial ^^

  2. Oooh! Die zijn leuk! Vooral die zilveren riem *o*

    Vraagje: Waar heb je die kettingen vandaan? o:

  3.  Omg they look so good! I really like the second one so much! Good job! ♥

  4. omg die tweede is ook echt de SHIT. check het omgggg niceeee

  5. i was planning to do a DIA DIYbelt too haha only I haven't got started lol! thank you so much for this, I think your materials make the belt look $$$ expensive just like DIA :D we demand outfit posts! :D

  6. Lovely, and such a great idea.

  7. That's amazing <3 such a great idea ..

  8. These are so amazing!!
    I've been wanting to do this to my old belts as well. I just haven't been able to find cute inexpensive chains and the likes that I like.
    Did you use big necklaces?

  9. Gaaf gedaan zo, en slim ^^
    Vind vooral de tweede het leukst ♥

  10. You did a great job!
    Well done :D

  11. They look amazing! So professional and I even like your silver one more than some of the D.I.A! I definitely want to try myself ^^ Just need to find the right materials. I'm having a hard time with crosses and cool punk like stuff where I live. I'll just have to dig harder!