vrijdag 2 september 2011

Shopping Gets~

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I went out on a pretty spontaneous shopping trip with my mom, we went to the Primark! In the Netherlands we only have 2 of them, one in Rotterdam and one in Hoofddorp. I really hope they will open one somewhere in Utrecht pretty soon, because everytime we want to go to the Primark we have to travel for at least an hour, booh :<

Too be honest the Primark was pretty dissapointing this time, but I am sure that everybody who loves mode gal and it's autumn/ winter look would love the primark atm. Everything looked like recent Emoda/ Murua pieces, lots of colourblocks, wide blouses in mustard, antique green, retro orange, deep bright purple, long ankle length skirts, jewellery with feathers, birds and other stuff, etc etc. I'm personally not a fan of mode gal, to me it just takes too much inspiration of the west, and is pretty in sync with the western fashion, I personally think its rather boring~ but hey, thats me.

Ofcourse, I did find some awesome things in the Primark, which I would like to share with you!

First, these pair of lovely shoes <3 I was doubting 
so long about these that eventually my mom said: 
DAMNIT ROX, just take the shoes or you'll regret it! 
And I love them <3

I love these shoes as well, they were only 9€!
I instantly wore them, hence the toemarks ... 

These amazing bows! <3 I love everything that consists of this fabric <3

 2 Belts, the first one I transfered to a D.I.A belt, on which I will report
later on in another blogpost :) And the second one is just cute~

2 not so exciting things, but very useful~ A new foundation brush and
some gold hairpins (I always lose those in my hair xD)

And now for something I didn't get at the primark, but at the newyorker;

The (in)famous leopard playsuit! <3
I love this one so much but never had
the money for it, and now it was only
5 euros! Damn straight I needed to buy it

So those were my shoppings of the day~ I loooove my new shoes, I basically love all my new stuff <3 My mom also treated me on some nice dinners, but before we hit the Primark, she got us applecake with coffee <3

And at the Abunai I got questions whether I looked like this (Gyaru) everyday~ And well, I don't xD On plain  days I look casual and boring, and so I decided to take a picture of what I looked like that day. My hair isnt done, I'm not wearing too much make-up, and my outfits are boring, so here is the proof for you :p I definetly look way better with all that make-up on my face xD

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, leuke spulletjes heb je gekocht zeg! :D
    En inderdaad de laatste keer dat ik er was vond ik qua kleding ook niet zo veel leuks ertussen - Mode is ook niet mijn ding. :/
    En ik vind je casual look ook erg leuk. ^__^

  2. super cute stuff <3

    It's so nice too see, that a good gal sometimes use to look only 'simlpe', keke
    But still, u look pretty ^^

  3. Really nice stuff !
    Love the shoes and bows <3  cant's wait to see them used in some coordinations ^^

  4. I also wish they would open a Primakr in Utrecht, I don't want to travel so long :p
    Nice buyings~I really like the black shoes alot!

    And you still look lovely with this natural look, it's just so different to see this, since we mostly see you with all the make-up ^^ But I love how you do your make-up, so pretty!

  5. YOu have exactly the same opinion on Mode as me XD!!!!
    I love the gets tooo half would be stuff I'd buy! I'm jealous I'll have to raid primark when I'm in town today XD!!!!

    I still think you look awesome in everyday style <3

  6. Great gets! I love those gray heels.
    You look adorable on your "plain" days. I don't look gal all the time either, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one! :)

  7. Ja, veel te saai en gewoontjes, vind ik. En zeker voor gal vind ik de opvallendere stijlen een stuk leuker. En meer gal. Want mode, zeker op een westerse gal lijkt vrij snel op een gewoon willekeurig meisje hier op straat... :/

  8. I love the bows and playsuit so much! :O