vrijdag 30 september 2011

Small Sephora Gets~

Hiii, here's a small update!
A few days ago I went to the Sephora, first time with Juul, but it was soooo incredibly crowded that I just started to polish my nails and wait from the side~ Because I was actually I was going there for the 'shaping disk' that I wanted, usually it's about 20 euros but at this time of year the shop that carries Sephora has a sale where you get 3 items for 10 euros, so i thought that this would be my time to go and get it! (I've been wanting it since I saw it in Paris!) But then they said it was sold out but that they would restock everyday. So I went back 2 days later just to get the message 'Sorry it is completly sold out, too bad!' So surely I was sad about it and decided to just buy a contouring palette of ebay xD I did get some other pretties I would like to share with you though!

These 2 are beautifully pigmented, but I just cant seem to capture it on camera! Beautiful deep colours <3

And finally the gold nailpolish I've been looking for for aaaages! I've been looking for this really tacky gold, and I'm glad I found it! And look, I stopped nailbiting! :) My nails have never been this long before!

That's it for my small update! I'll make more proper posts soon I hope u.u

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Those colors look really pretty! I love that tacky color of gold xD.
    I used to be a nail biter, but since I've stopped, I've become a nail rubber! I rub the tips of my nails across the pad of my thumb all day long. I rub off the top-coat daily and have to reapply constantly!
    Congrats on stopping the biting though!