dinsdag 27 september 2011

Sponsored Review // Japan Barbie Eye Diamond lens Blue

Hello everybody! Today I would like to post this review for you from my new sponsor ShoppingHolics!
They have an adorable site and they carry a lot of circle lenses with great designs from certified brands, but aside from circle lenses they alsof have a lot of beauty products to offer, such and lashes from dolly wink, eyemazing, diamond lash etc~! Please check out their site for a great service and fast response!

So for today I would like to review the Japan Barbie Eye Diamond lenses in Blue, you can find them here!

Product description:

Orgin // Korea
Diameter // 17.5mm
Water Content // 48%
Base Curve // 8.6 mm
Life Span // 1 year disposal

Price: $29,90

I was really excited to get these lenses, I mean 17,5mm, that sounded really exciting! Luckily for me the package arrived really fast, only in a week time! So here is how it arrived, in a really cute doll that is actually a lens case! And it came with a sweet thank you note :) You can actually screw off the ears and put the lenses there! But it also came with a cute animal lens case that is more suitable for traveling and convenience :)
On first sight I think the lenses didn't look so blue so for a moment there I thought they might have send me the grey lenses, but the packaging really said they were blue so I guess I will just have to believe it haha.

Picture Taken with Flash

Picture taken without flash in natural lighting

Comfort    4/5
So I bet you are curious about the Comfort of these lenses, since they are so big! I didn't have any struggle with putting them in, but my eyes did get a bit red for the first 10 minutes, but that went over pretty fast, maybe that was just my lack of sleep~ But during the day I hardly felt them so I'd say they're pretty comfy eventhough they're this big!

Design 5/5
I love this design really! It is so unique and outstanding, they really do look like diamonds!It gives a really nice edge around your own eyes. I must warn people though that these lenses are not made to cover your eyes completely, so please consider that!

Color 3/5
I was honestly a bit dissapointed about the colour, on the stock photos they looked reaaally blue, and these tend to look more gray, so I was a bit sad :( I do think the actual colour looks nice, but I had just wished it was more blue.

Enlargement 5/5
Well, it speaks for itself that these lenses are greaaaat for enlargement! I never had lenses that made my eyes look this big before, and if you want to have that big dolly effect you should definetly get these!

Overal I am honestly in looooooove with these lenses, so I would really recommend everybody to get these! Here are some more pictures I took while wearing them ^^

 I hope you all like the review, I certainly do love these lenses! <3 See you sweethearts! <3

10 opmerkingen:

  1. The lenses look pretty grey on your eyes? But they still suit you a looot ♥
    Almost as if they were made for you :)

  2.  The lenses look very pretty on you! <3 They are really worth to buy! thank you for the review =3

  3. Petit Pain D&#39;Epice21 juli 2012 om 19:49

    I love it  ! The diamond effect is WOW with your clear blue eyes !

  4. Rox, gorgeous as usual!
    These lenses are really awesome looking on you. They make your eyes look HUGE! Thanks for the review <3

  5. Pamela Esparza21 juli 2012 om 19:49

    They are SO pretty! Wow.. I love them! 

  6. they do look pretty, but i think even though the package said blue, it might have been an error from the manufacturer because i have the very same lenses and mine are gray and look exactly the same. they look great though, and i think they look more natural than real blue ones would look like.

  7. wow you look so so soooooooooooooooo pretty and the lenses are sooooooooooooooooooo kira kira :) you look like a diamond girl :)

  8. Ze zien er inderdaad meer grijs/zwart uit, maar ze zijn wel erg gaaf en staan erg mooi bij je! :D En 17,5mm, dat is echt wel heel erg groot zeg. O_o Mijn ogen kunnen 15mm al niet eens aan, laat staan 17,5mm!

  9. it looks so good on your eyes! <3 your eyes is literally sparkling! gorgeous!