zondag 18 september 2011

Sponsored Review // Lashes~

Hello everybody, it's been a while I know, but I've been pretty busy with school starting, it has been draining my days for a while now, but now I had the time to dress up and do a review!
Bit first, I was proud to see that I have reached over the 500 followers! Thank you so much everybody! <3 I really hope this blog can still be interesting enough .. if you all have any suggestions for what you would like to see in this blog, let me know please so I can work on it!

Now on to the sponsored post~ the following post is sponsored by KKcenterHK, this time they have sponsered me lashes (4 pairs to be exact but this review will be about the first 2) and this is the first time I'm reviewing lashes so I hope I'll do good!

First up are the following upper lashes, you can find them here. They have a crisscross design that goes from short to long and graduatly becomes a bit fuller.

The Product // 

First impression // 
On first impression I thought they looked a bit cheap and shiny. The black line seemed really thick and non flexible and i personally am never a too big fan of criss cross designs like these.

No Flash                               //                            With Flash

Impression After Using them //

After I used these I realized that I really like them! They are less shiny than I would think, the black line is really flexible and easy to bend. What I also like about these lashes is the length of them, I always want my lashes to be longer than my own eye so I can make my eyes appear bigger. Though I must say I would like these lashes way better for a more regular make-up style. I love really dramatic upper lashes within Gyaru, and these are pretty subtle but still full, I like them! Though one of the lashes hurt my eyes really bad with one of the ends, so I had to cut off a small part. So please be carefull before you put them on, check the ends first!

The second pair of lashes are a pair of lower lashes that you can find here!
The Product // 

First Impression // 

My first impression of these lashes was a bit mixed, I was really excited to recieve these because they looked really interesing, they still did when they arrived, but a different interesting. The lashes are really short, and the clear line is reaaaaally long. The packaging was adorable though! Looked better than the standard boring pink boxes~

Impression After Using Them // 
(Please use the above pictures for refferences, since they're the same it's useless to post them here too :p)

To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of these, the only way these would suit me was to cut them in half. Because these lashes were sooo long, it looked incredibly weird on my eye, I'm going to post the picture, and I know it looks weird so no bashing on 'wtf your make-up sucks' etc. The thing that also dissapointed me is that they are so short, my own lashes, without mascara, were even longer! If the lashes itself wouldve been longer (and not the lash line) I would've adored them! But now as you can see in the other pictures, I cut them up in little pieces to go for a softer make-up look than usual, and maybe it's just the fact I like more dramatic lashes, but these lashes really work better for small accents I think ^^'

Some more pictures!

Pictures with Flash (lol my clip in ponytail looks damn shiny like this :'))

Without Flash
So that is my review on lashes~ I hope I did okay! If you have any tips on how to make a better review, please drop it in the comments below, and let me know what you think of them! <3

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  1. These lashes look cute on you (: but they look kind of ... repetitive? like to perfect and pattern like if you understnad what I mean xD haha

  2.  I think you can make any lashes look good because you're so damn pretty! But, I think I agree with you on the review. I have lashes almost exactly the same as the top pair, and they are very subtle.
    I don't like the lower lashes. They look very fake because they are so spiky! (T_T)