dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Ageha Oct'11 ~ Looking for winter!

The new Ageha has been put up for download a few days ago! And as some of you know, the Ageha is like my gal bible and I absolutely love it, it is by far my favorite magazine. But the last few months I have been waiting for them to give their view on the current winter trends and outfits~ Because to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the current autumn trend, because it just resembles the current western fashion too much, it's not my taste by far.

So I waited for the Ageha to give their sexy vision on the A/W trends! But unfortunatly I think I have to wait another month because this Ageha wasn't overwhelming winter~ But I did spot these things!

Furfurfur! Especially scarfs and collars!

Monotome! Often with an adorable red accent!

(Knitted) Ponchos

Retro Girly~ Mostly sported by the adorable Satomin! 

And these were some of my favorite outfits~

Rock Themed Outfits~
Some sweet themed outfits~ I loooooooooove the girl on the left! <3

All and all I still haven't really found what I was looking for in this Ageha~ A lot of the things still had this summery theme which, in my case, is really over since the netherlands are starting to get colder and colder u_u I hoped that this Ageha would give me some more inspiration, but I am still stuck.

So how about you, do you like the current A/W trends? Have you spotted anything nice? And also, would you like to see posts like these more often? Please let me know in the comments! 

Bye Bye Sweethearts!

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  1. They were definitely much more colorful than a lot of what they have now.. November was a bit of a disappointment for me, not too much different. Though! I was very excited to see that one western gal modeling in the street snaps ★ hopefully December will look better e_e

  2. Oja, dat zou inderdaad ook wel kunnen passen ja! :D Eens kijken of ik iets geschikts kan vinden dan. ^_^
    Sowieso ben ik van plan zelf fake-fur jasjes te maken. Lekker warm, lekker stoer, en past ook met de fake fur trend. ^_^
    En ik had ook een wit/zwart luipaard kortharig nepbont stofje online gezien! :D Daar wil ik ook echt een jasje van maken. Luipaard <3

  3. i love this autumn trends actually!! but yeah, in central japan, it's still pretty warm and we don't even need a jacket yet, so you might have to wait a bit for that... 

    and omg, i just gotta say, that girl with the hair in the last picture... i hate her soooooo much, i just think she looks like a creepy doll monster!! (not in just this picture, but every time i see her in Ageha) i don't even understand how she can be a model like that... actually, one time they showed her with toned down makeup, and she actually looked cute! why do they make her look like that?! it's insane to me... what do you think??

  4. Totally agree about the lack of good stuff in the recent issues... maybe it's just me D: because I got into a total depression after Sayaka left AGEHA.

    September and October though are nice. I can't wait to buy the Nov issue this week or next week and see how it's like. But overall I still look to the older issues for more inspiration, especially my select favorites from 2008/pre-2008. I was gonna write about my fall/winter style inspirations for this season too x3

  5. Ik ben ook erg benieuwd naar de winter trends! Vooral qua rock, ik heb het gevoel dat het afgelopen jaar de rock outfits in ageha toch wel hetzelfde waren (gescheurde broek met t-shirt of hotpants met t-shirt en eventueel leren jack erbij :p).

    Maar (fake!) fur trends vind ik erg leuk! :D Ik hou van aaibaar! <3
    Knitwear vind ik ook leuk, maar dat is niet echt te combineren met rock volgens mij. XD Dus dat is gewoon zo'n typisch 'leuk-maar-wel-bij-een-ander' geval.

    En ja die linker van het laatste plaatje die je postte is heel erg pretty! :D <3 En dat haar is echt groot! O_O

  6. I like the fur items too, Im glad I got that fur stole last year and I will drag out my Grandma's fur coat too I think hehe. Sakurina's outfit with the horizontal and vertical stripe stockings is so cute!

    Wow that girl's hair is like crazy!

  7. I am obsessed with the knit ponchos!


  8. Haha yes I agree about AGEHA being the sexy gal's bible! I couldn't find anything that I could wear in these coords, I really hope that they come out with some winter-esque things soon!><

  9. Thanks for posting these! I always love to see magazine pics! I'm so glad that fur is still popular, it was one of my favorite things last winter season! And now it's here again!