woensdag 19 oktober 2011


Is everybody tired of the Japantag posts yet? ;D Mine is a bit late but I'm really busy and even now I don't actually really have the time to blog but else I keep procastinating, so therefore I will just give a quick summary and just a shitload of photos ^^'

I went to Dusseldorf on Friday to stay at a hotel with some friends and 2 HYPER members Juu and Elise ^^ It was such a fun experience and I'm glad I got invited by them to come along in the hotel <3
So on saturday was the actual Japantag! We decided to meet up with some german gals around 13:00 at the mainstation. at 12:00 Sascha picked Juu and me up and we drove there in his very fast car xD We had been waiting at the station for quite a while, and unfortunatly not a lot of people showed up, but I'm really glad with the gals that did came! We ended up with Kitai (+friend), Lisa, Jasmin and Jelly (+friend) ^^, Jelly and her friend decided to get some food and it was the plan to meet up later but unfortunatly our paths did not cross again, she did look gorgeous with her new haircolour though! <3

Together with the rest we went to the Japantag event place~ I was so incredibly happy with the weather! It was absolutely gorgeous! We sat along the riverside for a while, when a part of the group decided they wanted to go back to the station for some food. But Juu and I weren't too hungry and so we decided to stay and wait for Charlotte! We waited around for quite a bit but I was happy we all found eachother in the end <3 One of the things that happend throughout the whole day was that we were stopped for pictures! We couldn't walk for 5 seconds without having to pose for 15 minutes haha, it got even worse when we all got together! There was no actual space to walk anymore haha.

In the night there was fireworks, which was absolutely amazing! I was stunned by how pretty it was, and I had expected the crowd to go wild, but apperantly most german people only got annoyed by our excitement haha.
After all of this I was absolutely deadtired~ So we decided to go back to the hotel, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep, same goes for Juu xD

And now, on to the most important thing: Pictuuuuuuuures!

Juu and Me, finally a chance to dress up in my Kimono I bought in Japan! And me and Sascha

(picture stolen from Kitai~)
Jasmin, Me, Janine (Juu's friend!)
Kitai, Lisa and Juu

While Juu and I were waiting Alina and Alice found us and we snapped a quick picture together ^^

There were a lot of adorable girls which led to awesome picture moments!

After a while we got the whole group together! <3 Charlie, Elise, Sharity, Juu and Me
Pictures stolen from Charlie!

And now for some pictures of the nightfall, prefirework pictures!

And now: FIREWORKS! <3

And here are some pictures of back in the hotel:


Sorry for this very random picturepost! but I hope you liked it, and now I have get back to schoolwork! ^^"

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  1. looks like you had fun! call me stupid but... what is Japantag??

  2. Wow, everyone looked beautiful, pretty kimonos ♥And the fireworks look amazing!

  3. Pamela Esparza21 juli 2012 om 19:27

    Omgh! So Pretty, I love all The Kimonos! SO Nice! :) <3 Your Look like You had so much fun! 

  4. Everyone looks so pretty!
    Love all the outfits, I wish there were things like that here!

  5. you look so awesome ;O; !!! i am sad that we could not meet : (

  6. Oh looks like so much fun!! I really wanna go somedayyy ; o ; we don't have fireworks at my city's Japanese festival! Having fireworks really makes it a matsuri XDD;;

    I love those flowers in your hair! I managed to be given a yukata/kimono flower by my best friend when I was still in Japan, it ended up being like 3,000 yen! eeks! i was so happy she got it for me though XDD

  7. Omigawsh yoou all look amaaazing! <3

  8. Aw, you've been looking great ♥!

  9. Great to see those pictures! You look beautiful and it also looked like you all had a great day! :D