donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Sponsored Review // Barbie King Size Green

 Hello everybody! Today's review is sponsored by Pinky Paradise! They are a large online store that can provide us with circle lenses, our favorite lashes and other beauty products, so please make sure to check out their shop!

So today I will be reviewing the Barbie King Size Green lenses. I've had a lot of different coloured lenses throughout the years, but never have I had any green ones! I decided on a pair of very vivid green lenses, which resulted in these~! The shipping and communication is very fast, and the package got perfectly wrapped up.
Now on to the lenses!

Product description:

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


Comfort    2/4
I'm going to be very honest and give these a low rating on the comfort. I personaly never had any problems with circle lenses, but these weren't comfortable at all. They sting my eyes pretty bad when I put them in, and I can't wear them for a long time without them irritating my eyes. Which is pretty weird because I have these same lenses in Pink that don't hurt my eyes at all!

EDIT: After I contacted Pinky Paradise about the comfort of these lenses they apologized and were very willing to send me a new pair. They said that these might be defective and that this only happens on about 3% of the orders, and that they are always more than willing to help their customers out = Great Service!

Design 5/5
I am totally fond of this design! It has a big black border and they look very 'fake' up close, which I love haha. So for people that would like to have less fake lenses, you definetly shouldn't go for these. If fake on the other hand is your thing, these are the ones you should go for!

Color 5/5
I love love love love the colour, they are incredibly bright green! Somehow I feel a bit like the little mermaid Ariel when I wear them combined with my red hair haha. I adore the very bold green, and I think these lenses will look this green on any eyecolour :)

Enlargement 2/5
These lenses hardly enlarge for me, they are 14,5 mm lenses which just doesn't do the trick for me. If I have 14 mm lenses my own iris peeks out from underneath, so maybe I just have very large eyes to begin with xD

Overall I love these lenses, disregarding the fact theyre not too comfortable. I love the colour and the design and I think they fit me rather well :) So now on to some more photos! (blond wig time because I was too lazy to do my own hair, yoohoo!) Summer vs winter haha

That's it for today! I hope to see you soon again sweethearts! <3

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  1. I haven't visited your blog for about 10353426thousend years and today I just stumbled over it again and oh my gwad you changed and improved SO much! and your layout ist cool and sexy!
    and damn, you rock blond!


  2. Oh that is too bad they are quite uncomfortable because they look great! If only they were comfy then they would be the perfect lens XD

  3. it's a really nice color and they look really pretty on you!!! it's too bad about the comfort....

  4. Wow those lens are stunning on you!

  5. They look super pretty!

  6. They look really gorgeous on you, but fake looking lenses aren't my thing. Mostly because they never sit right on my eyes and I end up looking like an iguana!
    I had the same problem with one color of lenses being perfect and then getting the same ones just in a different color and them being uncomfortable! It sucks.
    Thanks for the review. <3

  7. Wow they look beautiful in natural lighting! Sucks that they are not comfy :/

  8. They look so pretty! Shame that they're not comfortable though ;__; 

  9. The lenses look really pretty on you and I really like the colour! Too bad they are not comfortable though. :(

  10. I really love the lenses. The colour is amazing!! Too bad they're not so comfy U__U
    You look supercute with that blonde wig *__* May I ask where you got it from??