maandag 14 november 2011


Hiii Everyone~! <3

I was a bit too busy the last few days but on saturday was HYPER's meet-up in Leiden, at the Japanmuseum for a Hello Kitty exhibition ^^, It was a really fun day! The exhibition itself wasn't too impressive to be honest, it was mostly a collection of Hello Kitty items, I'd say my room is the same haha! After spending some time at the exhibition the group split up, a few of us went to get some food, and the rest went to a reading on what I believe was the Kawaii Culture, for more about this please check Velvetbat's post ^^,

I'll go on to some pictures, because ofcourse that is always the most fun of a meetup post! XD

First, I shall spam my own face to you, I wore my new wig to this meet-up! And the outfit was inspired by Ami, from Fernopaa, I love her style :3

Look how long my wig is! :D hihihi, love it :3

And now on to the most important picture of the meeting!

The group picture! Everybody looked absolutely gorgeous and I feel like a real proud galmama :P
Not all of the gals are HYPER members, the 3 girls on the right are just some dutch gals that we love to meet up with ^^.


Charlie's sexy face ;D

 Velvetbat                                         //                     Elise
  Marije                                        //                    Gigi
 Coloring!               //                      Velvetbat and Me

The supersexy Estherbel

We made awesome Hello Kitty Hats!


 Elise being adorable as always!
Marije! ^^

These were my photos, all made with my phone cause I had been too lazy to take out my actual camera u_u''

I always love meeting my girls, we all live so far away that we hardly see eachother :c I wish we all lived in the same town so we could all spend more time together <3 

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so jealous! I wish I knew some girls who were into Japanese fashion. >.< Gorgeous wig! xx

  2. your wig is awesome ~~ so loooong! *O* and everyone looks very good, especially elise is very cute :3

    ShuShu ♥

  3. Wow, that wig is so long! But it looks good on you, and I like your outfit. ♥
    Everyone of your circle looks amazing, really! You all look different and with your own styles, how cool!

  4. Nee hoor, ik vind het helemaal niet erg, ik vind hem wel leuk. ^_^
    En dank je wel! Jij zag er ook erg leuk uit, ondanks dat je je outfit pas de laatste dag had besloten. :p En die pruik stond je erg goed!

  5. Wow that is the longest wig I have seen, I'd like to try that on haha! It's too bad that the exhibition was nothing special, but your gal circle looks great indeed! Love all the outfits.

  6. omg! that wig is SO long! XD lol.

    and i must say, you do look cute and dolly in blonde, but i kinda prefer you with darker hair!! which is quite strange because in gyaru, blonde usually ups the look, but i think you look cuter with dark hair! :p just my two cents... haha...

  7. omg your wig is really long i want one lithe yours ;_; xD  all of u so pretty n.n 

  8. Gosh that wig is soooo incredibly long. It feels like there's no end to it (kind of) wow.

    Hyper is such an amazing gal circle, it's incredible how much effort all the girls put into their outfits. It definitely shows.

  9. Looks like tons of fun! Circle events always look great!
    That wig is spectacular!

  10. Leuke foto's! :D
    Haha ik had niet eens door dat je die ene foto van mij had gemaakt bij de gardarobe. XD

    Maar inderdaad jammer dat we niet allemaal in dezelfde stad wonen. Dat zou echt zo gaaf zijn, lekker vaak kunnen meeten enzo. :O

  11. Oh man I remember making a stop on my train to Amsterdam and switching in Leiden ^^ it looked like a nice place!

    You all look so fabulous! So wonderful you can have these meetups! And blonde suits you! Would you ever think of going blonde for real or you love your dark hair too much??? I'm going to be going dark, but haven't decided HOW dark XDD 

  12. Wow your wig is super long, I love it!
    All of you girls are so pretty.
    I love all of the outfits!
    I am glad you had fun!