zondag 6 november 2011

Introducing: Fernopaa フェルノパ~!

Hello Everybody!
Today I stumbled upon a 'new' brand, Fernopaa フェルノパ~ ! I don't know a lot about this brand yet, but I have the feeling it is pretty new one. Seeing the blog posts it seems that this brand store has been opened on the 17th of september, in Alta, Shinjuku, on the 5th floor! My Japanese is not too well though so I might be mistaken, but still I like to share this 'news' with you :)

It is a brand that resembles the brand most of us know, TutuHA, a lot! And aside from that, the current shop staff contains some familiar faces too! Let me introduce them to you!

First up is Morimayu! Who most of us know from her colourful and playful coords, her extremely poofy hair and ofcourse as a TutuHA lover! For those of you who are interested in the rest of her style, please check out her blog! 

And if I am not mistaken the next girl is U-chan, I personally dont know too much about her, but I think she looks adorable! She brings somewhat more 'adult' version of this brand forward to my opinion ^^, If you like her style, please check her blog here!

And last but definetly not least, my personal favorite: Ami! I've been in love with her style since someone first posted a picture of her on Tumblr, as a new TutuHA shop-staff, but I couldn't ever find her blog. But it seems that me looking for it today again was very fruitful, 'cause so I have discovered Fernopaa!
I love Ami's coords and her long wigs, hence the fact I have recently purchased one myself from which I hope it will arrive very soon! For those of you who adore her style as much as I do, please check her blog over here!

So as you may notice this brand looks a bit like TutuHA, and caters to the gals that love Rock gyaru! Here are some impressions of the brand;

For more photos, please check their SNAP-blog here!

I hope you all liked this post, I personally love this new brand and it gives me heaps of new inspiration for my personal gal style! I hope that the data I have given you is correct and up to date, if anybody knows more about this brand please let me know in the comments! <3

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  1. Oh holy god... I just fell in love. this brand is brilliant!!! ♥

  2. Meep. I've never heard of this brand before. I'm glad you did this post. I'll have to look into it because I am a HUGE Tutuha fan and this looks great. Thanks!

  3. That new brand looks sooo nice and awesome! ♥

  4. This store looks so amazing!
    I wanna go there D;

  5. Zomg this looks like my kinda brand! ^^

  6. Dat is op zich ook wel waar en dat was ik op zich ook niet van plan om echt óf hime óf rock te dragen, maar gewoon een beetje van beide en af en toe misschien wat combineren enzo. ^_^
    En basis-items verzamelen is wel een hele goeie. Vreemd genoeg sla ik die stap in élke stijl (van cyber tot lolita tot gyaru) altijd over. O_o Misschien moet ik me daar eens eerst op richten, haha! XD

  7. Het ziet er wel leuk uit! :D
    (al heb ik juist een paar dagen geleden besloten om me toch weer te richten op hime en agejo, omdat ik de schattigheid en strikjes enzo weer mis. XD Ik weet ook nooit wat ik wil. XD)
    Maar ik blijf dit merk en hun blogs wel in de gaten houden, want het blijft ook een leuke stijl. ^_^
    Thanks for posting!

  8. Looks good, and the store looks great ^^

  9. *W* I love this brand already!! looks amazing ! awesome clothes, ! and yes looks a bit like tutuha and i love tutuha!! <3 xD

  10. AHHH I love this brand already! * o * such great items, loving all the animal print!

  11. Ahhhh yes!! I love this brand since my Japanese friend introduced it to me!! I really hope to go there at Xmas to browse and maybe buy! <3

  12. Thank you for sharing!  I love rokku gyaru and I've never heard of this store before... and from what I can see, I'm liking it better than Tutuha because it's a bit more rock! Haha :)

  13. Oh! Definitely going to check out their blogs ♥ Thanks for sharing!