maandag 28 november 2011

Small Ma*rs print nail art tutorial

Hii everybody!

I'm reaaaallly busy and hardly spend time behind my computer because there is just so much I want to, and can do so my computer is not really appealing atm xD (can you imagine I'd ever say that? haha)

Anyway, recently I made some time to do my nails, and I wanted to share this small and crappy tutorial with you in the hopes you'll like it! ^^,

What you will need!

  • Nail hardener (Optional)
  • White Nailpolish
  • Black Nailpolish
  • Bright Pink Nailpolish
  • A small nail art brush
  • Topcoat

Yes! This tutorial is as easy as it looks, or if you think it's hard, it's easier than it looks! So here we go!

Step one //

Apply your nail hardener or base coat.
Paint your nails white and make sure it's a good solid color, it might take 2 or 3 layers, as long as you make sure it's dried up! That is very important, because if your nails aren't dry yet you'll ruin everything


Step two //
Paint on zebra stripes with your black nail polish, take your small nail art brush for this, or just take a painting brush with a small tip, works as well! I had a reference picture of the zebra stripes next to me, and just paint them on the way you like! (I made them a bit sloppy XD)


Step 3 //
Take your pink nail polish and put a big dot on your nail where ever you'd like to place your rose. Wait for it to dry a little bit, but then take your small nail art brush, and with white nailpolish, draw in circular motions in the pink dot to create a leaf like idea. This is probably the hardest step and it takes a lot of practice to draw the roses, this was my first time too!

Step 4 //Wait for everything to dry (very important) And top it of with a shiny topcoat! (Or matt, whichever you prefer) And there you have your Ma*rs print nails!

Add green leafs if you own green nailpolish!
Add some nice glitter to the roses if you'd like!

See! It is really as easy as it looks ^^, I hope you liked this, and I hope you might try it out! This will ofcourse work better on longer nails xD! Would you like to see me do more tutorials like this, or do you think: 'no way this looks like crap, cut it out!'
Now it's time for me to go to school! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day! <3

6 opmerkingen:

  1. wow)rly cuuuuute ^^

  2. very cool!! i'm so jealous you can do your nails prettily like this... i'm really shit at painting my own nails, haha...

  3. awww looks so cute !!! : D

  4. Looks good, and easier than I thought!

  5. Great idea.
    Def. gonna try this!
    Thanks :)

  6. Aw this is gorgeous! I might try this out on some of my fake nail tips ^^ wish me luck!