zondag 20 november 2011

Sponge hair curlers!

Hii everyone! I am so incredibly sorry for the extreme lack of updates u_u I've been damn busy and I hope I can make it up to all of you with a recommendation :)

A few weeks ago I have ordered sponge curlers from Ebay, because I wanted to try and curl my hair on a daily basis without having to use any heat, or putting a lot of effort in it , I am a very lazy human being you know that?
So anyway a few days ago they arrived and I just had to try them out!

Here you can see the product and the instructions on the back, although it is all in Japanese the instructions are very clear and they are extremely easy to use! ^^,
So what I did, was I jumped into the shower, and when I was done I made sure my hair was 'towel dry', and I started rolling them in. This was all in the evening so that means I slept with these curlers on my head. I've slept with curlers on my head before, but these were definetly not as uncomfortable to sleep in as my others, but maybe that is just relative haha.

So yeah, left you can see them rolled in before I went to bed, Hello Kitty PJ's! lol how sexy~
And the right picture is whe I had just rolled them out and combed through them ^^

As you might see they give a really sweet and natural curl, very flowy and in my opinion very natural! (just like my make-up in these pictures, sorry guys for my everyday face xD) The curls stayed in really long with my hair! And this is how they actually looked at the end of the day; (Weird overlit pictures, I am fully aware xD) but they got even more curly, which was weird :P but to me they still looked like a natural curl ^^,

So I would definetly recommend you these type of curlers if you'd like to have more curly hair during weekdays ^^, it takes 5 minutes to roll them in before bedtime, and they don't damage your hair like curling or straightning irons :) I payed about 2,50€ for them, about 4 dollars? I can't remember but just search for 'sponge hair rollers/ curlers' on ebay and you should find your best match! :D I Initially found them cheaper but they did not send to holland u_u

So anyway, how have you all been, how was your weekend? Let me know! :) <3

11 opmerkingen:

  1. The curls look very natural..and the curlers are cheap! :)

  2. They came out really pretty :D
    Thank you for the review as I had always wondered about these :D

  3. Ja daarom, voor zo'n prijs durf ik het wel te proberen. :P
    Maar ik wacht wel even af totdat het na kerst is, zodat de ergste kerstdrukte bij de PostNL over is en er minder kans is dat ze dan mijn pakketje kwijtraken, voordat ik ze dan ga bestellen.

  4. They curls turned out very lovely.
    Maybe I will give it a try. Thx for sharing!

  5. I've owned them before! Though the curls look kind of small and tight on my hair... makes it a bit messy. >.< I'm jealous they turned out nice in yours! :)

  6. Oh, that looks really nice! :D Maybe I'll try them out too. ^_^

  7. oh cool, you tried them out! :3 i was thinking about purchasing them myself, too. so if you recommend them that much, i think i am going to do it finally. thank you very much. and you look very pretty and cute with these curls *-* 

    ShuShu ♥

  8. These are neat and you look nice natural! :)
    You can also do the same thing with rags, like if you have old t-shirts or the likes, you can rip them up and tie them into your hair in a similar way.

  9. AHHHH I need to get myself one now haha!

  10. Ooh love your hair curled like that! Luckily my hair is naturally wavy so all I have to do is wake up and it's like your hair XDD But great thing to use for gals who want curly hair!