dinsdag 8 november 2011

Sponsored Review // Princess Pinky Twilight Blue

Hello everyone! Are you tired of my review posts yet? ;) I'm sorry in advance, but I think it's great to show people what certain lenses look like, especially on light eyes since they are almost never shown on light eyes in the promotional photos. So anyway, on to the review!

Today's review is sponsored by Pinky Paradise!They are a large online store that can provide us with circle lenses, our favorite lashes and other beauty products, so please make sure to check out their shop! The reason they have 'sponsored me with another pair of lenses this fast is because I had informed them about the uncomfort of the green lenses and this is the reply I got;

"I believe you have got the defective one, since this lens would not irritate eyes.
We would like to replace lens for you, can i know if the discomfort happens to one eye or both eyes? The defective case is in fact below 3%, and PinkyParadise do provide customer services to help out customers that having that problem "
So I would have to say that that is great service! But I asked them to, instead of sending me the same ones, I could have another pair to review, and they agreed so here is the review!

I chose for the Pink Princess Twilight Blue because the stock picture looked so enchanting and I was just way to curious to see wether they were really that bright or not, and I can tell you: They are!

Product description:

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Manufacturer: Princess Pinky
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


Comfort    3/4
They are pretty comfortable! Though, my eyes had to get used to them for a while so in the beginning they hurted a lot, but it could also be because I have a cold and my eyes tear instantly atm :p

Design 5/5
I love this design! it is very transparant though, so keep that in mind if these are some you want to order.

Color 5/5
The color is amaaaazing! It is really as bright as they show in the stock photos, which I had not expected because they usually photoshop the hell out of those pictures. (my pictures are not photoshopped for this review, all is done with camera settings and the lightning)

Enlargement 2/5
These lenses hardly enlarge for me, they are 14,5 mm lenses which just doesn't do the trick for me. If I have 14 mm lenses my own iris peeks out from underneath, so maybe I just have very large eyes to begin with xD

I know, a small review but I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but I hope you like them! here are some other photos;

Tomorrow I will bore you guys with a small outfit post and my new made shoewings! :D 

Have an amazing day everyone <3

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  1. Wow, you are beautiful, your eyez are amazing ^^

  2. Magdalena Lipska21 juli 2012 om 19:25

    Those lenses look stunning on You!! & I love your makeup! :)

  3. wow, I love how vividly they show up on your eyes! as sami said, so sparkly!

  4. They look so sparkly! Very nice
    Thank you for the review!

  5. Oh, these are absolutely gorgeous! On you, too! Especially since your eyes are already blue/gray because I think it would look a bit off on anyone with brown eyes, but that may just be me, bahaha!

    Btw, je make up is geweldig *o*

  6. Great review! These look gorgeous on you. I really want to buy them. I have a hard time finding lenses that don't just look black in my eyes and these don't seem to have the same problem so I'm definitely going to have to try them out!

  7. Oh gosh! Now that I've seen them modeled I want them more. I've been dying for a pair. p_p

  8. Those lenses look really cute :D

  9. Wow, they are really bright. But not very showy just the same. They would be good if you just wanted to enhance your light eyes.

  10. could you please make a short video or post more pictures of these. i just ordered them i hope they are as bright as on the pic