woensdag 9 november 2011

Very short outfit/ make-up update and: SHOEWINGS!

Okay, so here I am 30 minutes before I have to leave for school but I really wanted to make a quick non sponsored review post :p So here it goes!

So recentely I have made pin on shoe wings! Yes, they are inspired by the Jeremy scott x Adidas collection, but i made the design myself and they go on way different shoes :p Here they are!

Here is a photo of them alone!

And here they are on my old new rock boots!
 I have decided to wear these again because I recently have gotten very bad aches in my
knees hips and back again, so I wanted to wear some more solid shoes .

And here are two outfits I made with them! (I found a new way to put my mirror, and I put a white blanket on the floor so you can see more of the outfits instead of black on black on black xD!)

And here is a small question for you guys, which of these do you think suits me better for my 'gyaru apperance', brown or light lenses? Same hair, make-up etc, just different lenses ^^'

That's it for my very short update! Would you guys like to see more very short updates, or longer, and more well written ones? :) I kind of like the very short ones too but I wouldn't want to bore you at all~

BTW, FOLLOW MY TUMBLR! <3 It needs more love, I post awesome outfits of awesome gyarus? :3 http://woxje.tumblr.com/

Okay that's really it now, love you gals and guys! <3

11 opmerkingen:

  1. cute! that is so smart! love the wings n the shoes

  2. Awesome shoe wings and totally versitile too!
    Ohh New Rocks, they bring back memories hehe :D

    You look stunning as per Miss Rox!

  3. AGH you know I can't pick which lenses I like the best, but since your orig color is light, I guess I'd choose the light colored ones! :DD

    and yes ofc I'll follow you m'dear!

  4. the wings look really cool ^^ 

    i think both pairs of lenses look really nice on you but i think the light ones are better

  5. I like both pairs of lenses on you, but light is my favorite.

    As for entries, I like reading the quick short entries best, but sometimes long ones are good as well. So, what you're doing currently is just great :)

  6. Oh those are so cool *plots to make bat wings for my shoes*

  7. Just love ur style!!

    I think both eye colors are pretty on you, but I would prefer the brown ones a bit more :3

  8. AWESOME!!
    Love the light lenses more <3

  9. Those shoes are AWESOME *o*

  10. Amazing shoes and outfits!

    I really liked both lenses but the first ones suited your style more.

  11. I love your shoes! They are really cute.

    I think you look lovely with both lenses but I think the brown ones look better in a kinda rokku style and the blue ones look better for the girly popteen/liz-lisa-esque looks. But both are lovely.