donderdag 1 december 2011

Adorable Christmas decorations!

Hii everyone!

Today I was walking in a dutch store called 'De Bijenkorf' I usually never go there, but one of the girls from my project group wanted to check out the christmas ornaments, and since I hate christmas, but love the decorations, I went in as well. And I was overwhelmed! Such adoooorable things, I just had to snap a photo of everything and share them with you ^^, I love how during the december months the cities are covered with adorable lights, it makes me rather happy, so you will probably see more posts from me, and I will soon decorate my own house a little as well!

Now on to the lovely decoration thingies

A lot of adorable mirror ornaments! I loooove them, I really really want the gold one on the top <3

Animals in elegant suits, amazing! :D


How awesome would this look on a black christmas tree? :D 

Keys! *0*

And 2 trees decorated!

So what are you doing for christmas decorations? Are you going to put up a christmas tree? :D I want to see them! <3

10 opmerkingen:

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  2. There aren't many decorations up yet around where I live. I think people are slacking!
    Hopefully we'll put our Christmas tree up soon! I'm excited about decorating it :)

  3. Ooh I just love Christmas decorations! * o * They looks so wonderful!

  4. Ooooooh all of those ornaments are so pretty! I love the hot pink mirrors XD

  5. arrrw christmas items are so lovely >.<" did you buy any? 
    and of course i will decorate the christmas tree like every year. and i just can't wait for it. 
    and i finally want to see the first snow -.-"

    ShuShu ♥

  6. I love Christmas decorations <3
    I just actually made a post of all of mine haha xD

  7. Wow))love purple balls and candys))))))you give me x-mas mood))))))))
    Hate valentines day too ^^))


  9. This was a wonderful post to me because I love Christmas very much! My first thought was many of these ornaments would make great room decorations XD

  10. Awesome decoration *__*
    I totally love the muffins...i want some of these T__T