zaterdag 10 december 2011

Christmas market visit in Germany~

Hii everyone!

Lately I've been stressing like crazy over school, so yesterday my grandparents took me and my mom to a small christmasmarket in Bochelt Germany :) They did some research on christmasmarkets in germany close to the dutch border, and firstly they wanted to go to Kleve, but unfortunatly that market was allready over, so we went to Bochelt, where neither of us had ever been ^^
I tried to look nice that day, but since the weather is so horribly windy everything will get blown out of proportion and you'll end up looking like crap again xD But atleast I tried, that's what counts! So here's my outfit and hairmake; Without circle lenses because that always scares my mom and grandmother haha

Here are some impressions of the christmas market! We were mostly there during the day so the lights didn't look as festive as they might have looked during nightfall. And to be honest the whole market was a little dissapointing because there were hardly any stands and it was very devided. I once went to a christmas market in Köln with my school, and that was amazing! So maybe I just still have that image lingering on in my head haha. But we had a lot of fun eitherway~! :D

My mommy scoring some bratwurst! XD haha
After a while we had a seat at a nice coffee/ icecream place and here are the delicious treats I got! :D

The coffee came with an adorable small icecream cone! :D And I got Tiramisu, but it was so big I had to share it with my mom, grandmother and grandpa because I was never able to finish it alone xD

I also found the most awesome belts in germany, they reminded me so much of d.i.a belts but excluding the chains! Unfortunatly they were 20 euros, and that's too much for me :p I really wanted one of the leopard ones though u_u (click to enlarge)

And now on to what I actually got that day, an early birthday present from my grandma! :D I walked passed a shoestore, saw these and imideadtly fell in love, these are amazing and just what I was looking for! But since I unfortunatly have a little too much month left at the end of my money, my grandmother asked me if I wanted them for my birthday, and I did not have to think twice, because I just love them so much! <3

I also scored a pretzel and vanilla cola! :D They dont sell it in the Netherlands anymore ;n; so when I saw these 2 bottles I instantly carried them around as my babies xD
That's it for now! I really have to get back to my schoolwork, the pressure is rising! XD Love you all, have a great weekend~! <3 Don't forget my circle lens giveaway! ^^

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  2. The christmas market looks fun and the food looks awesome!! *adores tiramisu* The shoes are adorable!! <3 And it's such a shame they don't sell coca cola vanilla here anymore! (Although I heard from someone they still do sell them in some big ass Albert Heijns) Good luck with your schoolwork! :D

  3. I don't wear my circle lenses around my family anymore either! I had to explain too many times at a family get together that 'no this is not my hair' 'no my lashes aren't really this long' 'no, I'm wearing contacts!' My cousins kids are so young, they kept saying I had FAKE EYES! lol!

    The market looks lovely! I wish we had something like that here. And, those boots! I can't find furry boots near me to save my life. I am so jealous!

  4. What a fun trip, the photos are amazing thank you for sharing them! I wouldn't wear circle lenses in front of my grandma either I suppose (but its because she'd ask me a million questions about them haha!)

    The food looks so good to me right now haha, I wish I could eat all of it XD And its so great you could get those boots you love!

  5. haha i saw so many ppl from the netherlands at the market in bonn today xDD

    i don't really like them... it's too crowded and everything x-x (especially the one in cologne)

    but i'm glad you had fun :D (but ewww vanilla coke ... didn't know they still sell it oO)

  6. Awww glad you're visiting home again! It's always nice to come back during the holidays.

    You look amazing as always!


  7. Aw how fun that must have been! Does it take very long to get to Germany for you?? Someday I'll visit a Christmas Market! I really think there must be some here in the US... but maybe they are just called 'Christmas Stores' XDD oh how commercial!

    Love your outfit, dear! Totally Christmas-season!

  8. Pretzel ♥
    ♥And the market looks nice, those belts are so cool!