vrijdag 23 december 2011

Impressions of my room~

Hello everybody!
It is almost christmas, how is everybody doing? :) Making cookies, buying presents, decorating your room? About a week ago Suzu asked me to do a little room tour after I posted a picture of my 'bedroom' on facebook ^^, So I thought, why not? :D My room is now nicely decorated with christmas things, and I thought I'd give you all a small impression of what my room looks like, because I remember that I promised to post pictures of it when I moved out haha, it's about half a year later and still I haven't found the time or will to make the pictures. Mostly also because my room wasn't quite how I wanted it to be yet, but it's slowely getting there! A little information beforehand, I live on my own, the room is not too big but it is really high (4 meters) and that means I have a small balcony in my room where my bed is. I will stop talking now and show you all the pictures!

Behind the white curtain is my clothing closet :)

My small christmastree on the left, and my make-up mirror on the right! :) 

Chanel bag & Parfumes

My vogue mirror of which I'm very proud and on the right my small inspiration corner for my upcomming collection

My window and it's view, and my couch! (the big black thing haha)

Photoframes and my stairs to 'the upstairs'

Desk with sewing machine and shelves with books and junk~ My TV

My 'coffeetable' with my laptop on it, and another shelf with junk

My bed~! This is the upstairs part, rather small but it's my immense pillowforth haha

Japanese magazines ~ Presents I got from people :)

Shoes that are next to my bed, view from my stairs down on my desk~

And another view on my window, it is really large, about 3 meters high which makes me happy :)

That's it for my room for now~! I hope you liked it ^^, And yes, it is always this messy because I have a lot of junk haha <3

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah, I'd love a room like that! A place just for the bed and then the rest of the room is free to use! I like it cause it's so space conscious. I can't wait to get Christmas lights to decorate my room :D

  2. Die vogelkooitjes vind ik echt een gaaf idee! :D
    Sowieso ziet je hele kamer er erg mooi uit! ^_^
    En leuk die HYPER waaier op je plank. Ik heb de mijn hier ook op een plank staan. XD (met die abunai badge en hello kitty hoofdding eronder/voor. Mijn HYPER-hoekje. XD)

  3. wow, your room looks just like a dream!

  4. Your room looks very magical in this photo, I like the architecture of it. And it's so well organized, but with so many sweet little personal touches. It's great you have a space for your sewing machine to be out!

  5. Wat een leuke kamer heb je!

  6. Wow! I love your room! <3

  7. omg !!! I love your room !!!
    everything is sooo lovely and full of details !
    and omg.... CHANEL BAG !!! I want one too ;__;

    You room is really really LOVE !