zondag 4 december 2011

Lazy Sunday~ Make-up time!

Hii Everybody! <3

So today is kind of a lazy sunday for me, I did the things I had to do, like cleaning my room, learning some japanese and working on school stuff etc, and I got a bit bored because the weather is so damn dull! It's raining pretty much every day which puts me in a really bad mood unfortunatly :c So I decided to work on my make-up skills and started slapping some smack on my face! And I wanted to share them with you :)

And a bit of hairmake! :)

And here is my first 'christmas decoration' in my room haha, I bought a little string of lights and added them with the flowers on my stairs! :) I love them, I cant wait to get more lights!

And yesterday I went to my grandmother's to make a traditional dutch candy called 'Borstplaat'. It's really tasty! Basically it's cream with sugar and some added flavour ^^, it's traditional for the dutch 'holiday' Sinterklaas, which is a whole different story, which most people don't understand :p but I'm going to celebrate it tomorrow, so I'll tell you more about it then! ^^ Would anyone like me to make a recipe? :D

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  1. Awh you look so pretty! <3 I love your hair <3 

  2. Is this why you always have such amazing make-up? The practice? Either way I always love seeing your looks so expertly done!

  3. I still cannot get over how beautiful your hair always looks I am so jealous :öhggjfdsogjupsdof

  4. You look so cute in the pictures! :D
    And your Christmas decoration looks really nice too! ^__^
    Have fun with celebrating Sinterklaas today!

  5. When I finally have some free time I don't know what to do anymore DX There are actually so many small chores I need to do haha. But I think taking the time to do makeup is important!

    I like your decoration, its very elegant and you! And please feel free to explain more about the candy and Sinterklaas, it would be very interesting!

  6. You look so cute, I hope someday I can look so beautiful like you are.

  7. glittergakusei21 juli 2012 om 19:24

    so cute, I love your hair here.

  8. So cute! I had a friend one time who made this candy for us before, it was super tasty. o_o

  9. yessssss ~ please post the recipe hny!!!! and you look so kawaii *Q* especially your hair!

    ShuShu ♥

  10. Ooooh, I'd love the recipe! It looks so yummy!

    I love your hairstyle *o*

  11. Ooh yay Sinterklaas! My family is also making these candies and sweets for Sinterklaas. I wish I was in the Netherlands right now to celebrate! 

    I love your decorations, I'm also getting lights to put in my room. And I love your makeup as always, doll!

  12. so cute (=w=) I've already said this but o well heehee :D <3
    This look is very innocent looking ;3
    Also that food sounds so good (O¬O) mmm~

  13. Vind je shirtje leuk! En je haar en make-up ziet er weer goed uit ^^
    En yay voor kerstverlichting! Ziet er altijd zo gezellig uit ♥

  14. Your hair and make look so lovely! <3 The curls and everything are just aaaa <3