zondag 18 december 2011

Sponsored review // Kimchi Bambi Blue Lens

Hello everybody!

So finally I'm a little less busy with school, and I can start posting a bit again XD First I want to -bore- you with a circle lens review sponsored by Lensvillage! Who have recently also decided to sponsor my giveaway, please don't forget to check it out and sign up! :D <3

So I decided to go for the Kimchi bambi blue lens by Vassen, which look an amazing lot like my favorite lenses, the sesame grey bambi ones by tsubasa! So when i saw they had the same ones in blue, I just had to have them! Lets start off with some photos!

They came really carefully wrapped and with adorable animal lens
case! I love these, they are, blowfish? is that what you call them? haha

The lenses in the case, as you can see a very solid colour!
Picture with Flash 
Picture without flash 

Unfortunatly I could not take any pictures with more natural lightning, because the weather outside is really dark and rainy, which turns to really dark pictures~

Comfort    5/5
They are really comfortable! I didnt have experience with the brand vassen before, but they feel great! I can wear them for hours and I don't feel any aches, my vision doesnt get blurry etc :D

Design 5/5
Ofcourse, I love this design because it has been my favorite design, so ofcourse I loved it! They have a great dark edge and a yellowish ring on the inside, which gives them a little extra :)

Color 4/5
The color is great! It is very solid and I have the feeling these lenses will give a great coverage on dark eyes as well, but I can not guarantee that ofcourse. I knocked of a point because I think they are a little too bright blue, I wished they were a little more pale so they would match my own eyecolour better~

Enlargement 5/5

These have great enlargement! :D 16mm, works perfect on my eyes which are naturally large, so I am really glad that these make my eyes look even bigger haha

Here are some more pictures! ^^, I sort of restyled my really long blonde wig so that it looks shorter :D

That's it for now! :D Sorry the pictures came out in such bad quality, but it's the light I tell you xD 
Please keep an eye on my giveaway if you too would like to get some circle lenses from Lens Village! :D

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  1. abegail abundo21 juli 2012 om 19:20

    You really look like a doll. Super pretty.
    Is that a natural hair?

    Now following you.


  2. wow is that a wig? it look pretty natural :D

  3. You look lovely with these lenses. They really suit you!

    Your wig is gorgeous, great restyling. Where did you get the wig?

  4. Those circles look quite interesting but I don't think I would get away with that color, thank you for the review though and you are looking gorgeous as usual again!

  5. The lenses look so pretty!
    I love how you styled the wig, you're so cute!

  6. Awh you look so pretty! I love your eyes <3

  7. Oh how lovely you look with your voluminous wig! I think the bit of brown in the lens helps blend the bright blue with your natural light eyes well!