zondag 1 januari 2012

2012 Goals~

Hello everyone! <3

I hope you all had a great new years eve with lots of fun and all your fingers still in tact of all the fireworks! :D
So for today, the first january of 2012 I noticed a lot of people post things about new years resolutions, but i didnt want to make a post about resolutions, I want to make a post about goals, because I really want to achieve these things, and I will do my best to do so~ (maybe it's just a gap between the dutch and the english language that it actually means the same, but in my head it's different xD)

So on to my goals for 2012!

Lose some weight.
This is the goal I probably have in common with all the women on this planet xD And usually I don't post about this stuff because I know I will just fail. I love food a lot, and especially the wrong kind such as candy and chips and stuff. But the reason I decided to really try this year is mostly because I want to lose a dress size (or two) and hopefully, that my boobs will go down a bra size. This may sound really weird, but there is almost a difference of two dress sizes between my chest and my waist, which causes the fact I hardly ever fit in clothes, and that they just don't fit me and I really want to get rid of this problem. Other than that I also need to exercise more for my health, I have really weak knees/ legs which I need to train in order to not get knee replacements before my 40th xD

Graduate and make and amazing final collection
Obvious goal is obvious :D I am in my graduation year right now, and I really want to put all the effort and time I have into my collection and hope it will turn out smashing. I've never been one of the top notsch of my class, I'd rather say I was always at the bottom of it, but I really want to prove to everyone that I can do this, that this is my passion, and that I live to do this. I want to graduate at once, and I wish for people to be stunned by the collection I will make :)

Get a side job
This is a little harder than it looks, since I am 21 a lot of stores won't hire me because it is just way cheaper to hire a 16 year old, but I won't give up because I want to save up for some things, under which my following goals:

Go to Japan
This is a goal that is still in starting positions, but I plan to go to Japan for a holiday after I gratuaded. But all the circumstances have to be right, I have to graduate and get a job to do my best to go there for a holiday ^^, This time I would probably go to Tokyo, since I've lived in Kyoto for 6 months, it seems like fun to discover more of Tokyo!

Learn (more) Japanese
At this moment, I speak some Japanese, I read hiragana and katakana fluently and there are a very few kanji I can read, but I want to get my Japanese to at least conversation fluent. I want to be able to take the japanese language proficiency test level 3 and succeed. I want to be able to read more japanese blogs and watch tv/ series while understanding them. It will take a lot of work and practice, but since I'm not that bad at languages, I will most likely succeed if I put a lot of effort in it.

Become a better Gyaru/ improve my style
I really want to become better at being a gyaru. Lately I've been trying to dress more gal on daily basis by doing gal make-up (without circle lenses most of the time) and doing my hair better than just brush it~ Other than make-up and hair (which I'm slowely getting the hang of) I really want to improve my style because lately I've just been caught in where I want to go with my style. The styles I like are rather opposing, such as Himegyaru, Agejo, Rokku and Ora Ora. I want to try to find a nice balance between all these styles and figure out what my own personal style is.
Also I want to become more active in the gal community by organizing more events, more meet-ups, and improve together with my gal cir HYPER. I'd also like to make more tutorials about hair and make-up if people would like me to :)

Make a Gyaru Helpdesk
This is an idea that has been floating in my head for quite a while now. I want to try to get a more positive vibe and safe haven in the gal world. I want to set-up a helpdesk starting out on my blog. I want people that are new to gyaru, or that just have questions, but who are afraid of getting bashed on for example the gyaru_secrets, to be able to contact me with questions on a certain email adress. I will ask if I can publish the questions and awnsers on my blog (under an anonymous name if they'd feel more comfortable with that) so that other gals can see what some people are struggling with and maybe even comment with more advise :) I am not the best gyaru at all, but I've been around for quite a while to know what could help people if I may say so myself xD Maybe this is something that will grow bigger, and that we'll have more 'consultants' and that maybe it will grow to have it's own site~! If you've read this post untill here, I would love to hear what you think about this! Please comment below if you think that this could become something great, and then I will work it out in my head and probably start it! :)

Visit more Partys
This might sound funny, but I hardly ever go to partys! Let's say that in 2011 I went to 3 partys during the whole year, but I've grown very fond of them! I love having fun and dancing with my friends till dawn hahaha, so I will try to visit more partys every now and then :D

I think that is most of it! at the end of 2012 I will get back to you, to see which of these goals I have actually achieved :D So what are your new years resolutions/ goals? ^^, Did you make a post about it, or would you like to tell me in the comments? Please do! <3 and as a closure here is a little picture of Charlie and me yesterday, charlie's brows have accidentaly gone missing, but she still looks like a doll! <3

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  1. Wow lots of great goals for 2012! I wish you the best with achieving all of them!

    Oh why is it cheaper in the Netherlands to hire a younger person?? That's really interesting! Here in the US, it doesn't matter what age you are XD

  2. Hope you can accomplish all your goals and have a great 2012 :D!! I need to write down my resolutions XD forgot about it ><.. I guess my first resolution will be to buy a Journal/diary thing to write them down :D!! haah <3

  3. Good luck with your new year resolutions! They all sound very great! :D
    And I can relate to your not being sure where you want to go to with your style. I have the same, since I like rokku and hime too, and agejo. -_- So one of my resolutions is also to become a better gyaru, improve my hair + make-up skills and to find out which style I want to follow. (though I am afraid that if I go rokku, I'll end up more gothy and borderline-gyaru :/ ).

  4. Chantalbos199121 juli 2012 om 19:19

    gyaru helpdesk is an awesome idea! I def could use some help myself

  5. Great resolutions! I hope you will fullfill most of them! Your idea of the helpdesk is wonderfull, I think it will help alot!

  6. They sound like wonderful resolutions! ^^
    ZOMG the idea of the helpdesk is amaaazing! The gal comm should have some more luurve rather than hate ;_;