donderdag 5 januari 2012

Android Purikura Apps!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to show you something you might have seen everywhere around you allready, but still I wanted to share this with all of you for those who haven't seen posts like these up yet :)

Ever since I got my HTC Desire I've been looking all over for the best Purikura apps! Unfortunatly, most of the ones I found were only capable for the iPhone. But after a few months a lot more applications became avaiable for phones that run on Android, and ever since I became hooked on them! I'll show you some before and after pictures of all of them! ^^,

First up, and the app I basically always process my photos with is:


This is the app I often use to edit my photos ^^ This app is great for working on the contrast, adding filters, and you can even add some stamps etc but the stamps aren't that cute .. The app is completly in english and really easy to navigate through

Here are some screenshots I found on the web:

And here are some before and after photos of me editting it ^^ (I'll use the same picture for every app)

(L) Before (R) After, played with brightnes, contrast and a filter

The second app which I fell completely in love with is: 

This is probably the most complete and most advanced purikura app! It includes the cutest stamps, 'line stamps', frames, filters, pen tools, message stamps etc! :) I have completely fallen head over heels with this app, and the ones of you that have me on FB know so since I use it for almost every single photo I upload haha <3 The only disadvantages are that you can only edit square pictures and that the quality isnt too high~ but since they always keep on coming with new updates I hope that somewhere in the future you can also edit non square pictures :) Here are some screenshots I found on the net~
The screens are in japanese, but the app is all in english! :)

(L) Before (R) After, I used the pentool to colour in the background!

And now for the 3rd app!
kiradeco picture Kira Deco Picture キラデコピクチャ
This is the last app that is good for purikura! Though this one might not be too fortunate for those of who don't understand japanese, but it's really easy to understand! You can add a lot of kira kira stamps and cute frames ^^ The disadvantage would be that there is never an update and the selection is not to big so after a while you've basically done all of it. There are some expansion packs but these will cost you, and since it's in japanese (you have to pay by yen) I don't know if it's avaiable for western android systems. Anyway here to some screenshots of the web!

Cute cat!
(L) Before (R) After, added a frame and some stamps and line stamps ^^

So that's it for my most common used apps~! If you have any more questions please leave them in the comments, and what are your favorite apps? <3 

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohh i have photo wonder!
    I have to try out these other ones! Thank you for posting!

  2. Faniavandewinkel21 juli 2012 om 19:18

    kun me een keertje een linkje sturen,van de programs,of is het alleen voor apple??

  3. omg I just got the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 for christmas and i'm downloading all of these apps as we speak :D thanks for the review!

  4. I looooove Photo Wonder! It sucks that I can't get it for iPhone cos now I miss it! I just downloaded DecoPic so I still need to try that out!

  5. I use those 3 apps too! Definitely great and fun to use. :)

  6. These are great.
    I wish there were such good apps for WP7,too ;___;

  7. Omigawsh these apps are amazing! If only I had an android ;_;

  8. I already have decopic but I ad enver heard about Kira Deco Picture and Photo Wonder before. Downloading~

  9. Molly Littleford-Schacht21 juli 2012 om 19:29

    Deco Pic isnt supported on my phone ;a; 

  10. Sure :'D
    A windows phone with windows 7 ^^

  11. i have kira deco pic but i cannot find deco pic on my market ;.; can you give me scan code for it?

  12. Just was I was searching for! But the two last one don't work. They seems really cool. Feel kinda sad.

  13. I've got a Nokia touchscreen~ Don't even have internet on it ;_;