zondag 29 januari 2012

HYPER Gyaru gift swap meet!

Hii everyone!

I have found a little spot in my schedule to make a blogpost hihi, this will probably only get worse ^^" Buuuut! Yesterday we had the HYPER gift swap meet at my place! We almost had the whole circle complete! Unfortunatly two of the girls couldnt make it because of school u_u But I had so much fun! I feel blessed to have this great group of gals as friends and in the circle, I feel that together we make an amazing group and luckily we all share the same humour <3 Let me break down what a 'giftswap meet' for those who are not familiar with it and are currently thinking 'what is she taaaaalking about?' Basically we drew names and each gal would get another gal and would have to buy presents for her! ^^, Almost like christmas, but than for fun, because why do we need a holiday excuse to give eachother presents right? :D Eitherway, I shall spam photos now!

I'll start with my outfit so that that's over and done haha. I was really satisfied with my outfit! I made it the day before within an hour cause my time was limited but I think it turned out rather well! :)

I looove glitters can you tell? haha, the background was so messy ^^ 

With Josephine!




And now on to the most awesome pictures, the groupshots! :D <3 Have I told you how much I love them yet? Well, I'll do it again: I LOVE HYPER! <3 All photos are made by Gigi! ^^

The meet was so much fun! Everybody was extremely happy with the presents they got, I drew Charlie from 'the sorting hat' lol so I had it rather easy since I know her so well! :D We did a lot of talking, a lot of eating, a lot of laughing, and around 5 everyone was heading home since everybody lives in every corner of the country xD So Charlie, Velvetbat and me were left, we had some dinner, had a little rest and peace haha

We also made a small clip for the GGA's! But you will see that at the GGA's! :D (I wouldnt normally ask for this in any way, but I hope that if you would like you could nominate HYPER, I would love for my girls to get te recognition they deserve! <3)

I had a lot of fun and I can not wait till the next meeting! We probably have a photoshoot planned at the end of march, so lets look forward to that! <3

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I want to come to a Hyper meet! Everyone looks so cute :)
    Good luck with the GGA!

  2. I love your hair and outfit!  The meet sounds like fun.

  3. You all look amazing! Juu's a pimp, haha!

    And oh, don't worry, I already nominated Hyper. nerr herr herr

  4. Het was echt super gezellig en bedankt voor het beschikbaarstellen van je huis enzo! :D
    En je zag er echt mooi uit! Dat jurkje was ook superleuk en stond je goed! ^_^

  5. you look incredible! I love your outfit and hair!

  6. You look fabulous! :3

  7. Everyone looks super cute!
    Sounds like you had fun (^__^)

  8. you look fabolous and your meet up must be so much fun. what a nice idea with the presents. you can be so lucky to have hyper and to have such nice meetings with your friends who have the same interest as you :)