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My Weightloss (+ Random 'outfit)

Hello everyone! <3

As some of you might have read, since the beginning of 2012 I have decided to lose some weight. Ever since I've gotten a few blog comments regarding some people being concerned, or wanting to know how I'm losing weight, and I want to thank you for the sweet comments and I would just like to set some things straight in one big post, even though it has only been 2 weeks, I'd like to tell people the why and how's of my weightloss ^^ I'm usually not one to get too personal when it comes to blog posts but I'd just like to chat you all up a bit, for those who don't want to hear my blabbing just go to the bottom of the post for a small outfit post haha.

The intentions of my weightloss
The number one intention of my weightloss is simple, to get more healthy. A few weeks back I went to the doctor because my back and knees were hurting so much that I could hardly walk my way through everyday life anymore. After running some tests, like xrays and bloodtests, everything came back 'negative' and the doctor said I was basically fine. BUT, he thought I was a bit too heavy and that I should exercise more. That is basically where it all started, I felt a bit down since exercising is not my favorite thing to do, and it just hurts my knees really bad when I get too active to the point where I can hardly stand up straight anymore. But the doctor said that if I don't want to walk around with knee replacements before my 40th, that I had to consider losing some weight and getting more active. Though, at that time (last year) I couldn't focus myself just yet, I was extremely busy with school and all sorts of other things and the stress just wouldnt let me be able to focus on anything else. Therefore I decided to mentally prepare myself to lose weight at the start of 2012.
Some have said to me that my current body looks 'fine', or 'great' and I want to thank you for those comments since it is really sweet, but 'technically' I really am overweight. Maybe it is because of the way I dress myself or the way I take photos, but people that know me in real life definetly know that I am a tad larger. And now comes the part where I feel a little self concious about, my current weight, my goal etc, but I really need to get it out of my system haha. At the start of 2012 I weighed A LOT, my highest mark was 78 kilos, which was probably also the cause of christmas foods and new years drinking (yes darlings, dont underestimate the power of alcohol, it'll grow on your hips in no time haha). Currently I weigh 74 kilos, and my current goal is to weight 60 kilos. Now all of these numbers probably don't say a lot without taking my height in consideration, but I am currently 165 cm small haha, so for a girl my size I weight a lot. My current BMI is 27.4, which indicates overweight. Once I have reached my goal of 60 I will have a BMI of 22, which is somewhere in the ideal zone ^^ If I am happy with my weight, weightloss and body before a bmi of 22 but am still within the marks of ideal, I'd probably stop there. If I'm not happy with the outcome at that time, I might lose just a little more, or rather, workout the parts of my body I'm not happy with at that time.
Ofcourse my weightloss will also have to do something with actually wanting to lose weight to slim down my body, but believe me when I say I wont overdo it. I'm a naturally curvy girl, and I love my curves so there is no way I could end up like a 'twig'. I'd love to reduce the size of my breast, but unfortunatly during actually losing weight my breast have shown to only increase on size, which I'm not too happy with, while giving you the numbers of my actual weight, I could just as well give you my measurements. Which currently stand on: 110 - 79 - 108. As you can see there is quite a gap between my chest and my waist, which makes it really hard for me to buy clothes, since there is a difference of almost 2 sizes, there are hardly any clothes that fit me nicely. So that is something I would like to get rid of as well.
Someone also asked me if it had to do with Gyaru Secrets, but this honestly doesn't affect me at all. Everbody has a different perception of what is an ideal body is. And I would also like to clarify that wether you are build skinny, curvy, or heavier, it has nothing to do with 'being a woman', your size is not telling you if you are a woman or not, your genes and/or state of mind determine wether you are a woman or not. I want to lose weight for myself, and not for other people or their views.  
Okay I think I have talked a lot about my intentions of the weightloss, now on to the methods!

How I am losing weight.
Yes, it might seem like a shock that within 2 weeks I have lost 4 kilos, but to me it all seems rather natural but I could see some people getting concerned about it. Before going in on how I eat now, I would like to give you all some insight on what my 'regular' eating routine used to look like. I used to eat A LOT, but not just healthy things, but I could finish a whole chocolate bar before you could even say chocolate bar haha. Eating sweets and cakes and chips etc always made me feel better, it was tasty, and full of sugar so yeah, why wouldn't it make you happier? The portions of my food were always rather large, so that didn't help much either. As soon as I got borded, I'd started eating, or go to the store to get some snacks. (Number one tip, don't go into a foodstore when you're hungry, you;ll end up buying everything! haha.) Oh and maybe this might be helpfull information, but I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat either meat or fish. (Not to be confused by vegan, I do eat eggs and cheese etc)
So with all this unhealthy food I don't find it too shocking that I'm losing 4 kilos after started eating healthy for 2 weeks. The beginning of weightloss is always very fast, then you'll get stuck on a point, and then slowely you'll lose your goal weight. With the help of my friend Estherbel, who has lost a great amount of weight herself and is currently studying health and foods, I found out about the Eat clean diet. And I would also like to remind you all of the following importance, and I can not stress this enough but In order to lose weight, and maintain your weightloss you have to change your eating pattern and state of mind and not, NOT go on a crash diet. If you go on a crash diet your body will go into starvation mode, absorbing everything that will enter your body, so if you start eating according to your normal eating pattern again you will regain the weight you have lost and it will be even harder to get back to losing weight. So please believe me when I say it is better and a lot healthier for your body just to lose weight by eating healthy, yes it may go a bit slower, but you will maintain the weightloss!
So now onto more of the eat clean diet, I will say, and this might sound somewhat stupid, that I do not know everything about this diet, but I know the essence of it. Which I think is most important. The key essence of this diet is to eat the way mother nature intended, and it also sets on readjusting your way of life regarding eating mostly. If I could sum it all up I would say the following things about it. You need to cut (almost) all the sugars out of your life, cut processed and canned foods, eat things as fresh as you can, such as fresh veggies, and fresh fruits, mind your portions! (also very important). So i did this, I started eating more fresh vegies, more things that are 'wholeweat', like brown instead of white bread, or 'brown' pastas instead of the 'white' pastas, and I started cooking them more healthy and started minding my proportions. I drink A LOT of water, and when I am craving for things that are sweet or unhealthy, I drink tea that is naturally sweeter (I hate tea actually and I can only drink teas that are naturally sweat after letting them sit for a while, and I never drink my tea with sugar) or I eat a nice sweet apple. And now that I have been into the diet for two weeks, it is starting to get a little easier, I still am always craving sweets, and chips and other unhealthy food, but it is slowely getting easier. I spice my food with fresh herbs or flavoured oils that contain no sugar instead of using gallons of salt like I did before. I use minimal salt now, and a great tip I would like to give you is to steam your veggies! It is really healthy and they get their maximum flavour so you would hardly need any other seasoning. I am very fortunate to have a rice cooker/ steam pan, but I heard you can also do this yourself easily with a pan and a 'sif' if that is what you call it, but I bet google has some great tips on that one ^^ So I think I said a lot about my change of food and eating pattern, and I would like to go on to the point I always used to (and still do a little haha) hate, exercising!
I never ever used to exercise, I always hated sports (this probably also has to do with the fact that my knees and back would start hurting instantly) and the only sports I did was snowboarding once a year with my family. So I had to pick up the pace of exercising, and so with all my willpower I did. I got a hometrainer that was just standing on the attic of my grandmothers. It's this sort of bike thing, and I started to 'bike' 4 times a week for half an hour. I'll be honest with you that my knees wouldn't let me tollerate to go on for longer than that, but it is slowely getting better. I also started doing some workouts with the help of youtube, and just tried to be a little more active in daily life, by taking the stairs more often, or biking to my moms house instead of taking the bus. And yes, this is all very boring, but lately I've discovered a very very fun way 'exercising'! My mom recently obtained Just dance 3 for the Wii, and I've been hooked on it ever since! And now some of you might think 'but I don't have a wii so this wouldn't help at all'. Wrong! :D I don't own a Wii either, but basically all of the routines are to be found on Youtube! And so there I am, dancing like a tardy in my own room while watching my computer screen. I'll say it is less fun than actually playing it on the wii, but I will find it very fun nontheless! Here I will show you some of my favorite routines ^^

So those are currently my favorite rountines, and I try to 'play' it for about an hour everyday ^^ Though last friday I got caught up into playing it at my moms place, and I had been playing it for 5 hours straight turning my mom nuts haha.
So that for now is pretty much all I have to say about my current schedule for losing weight! :) I hope this clarifys some things and I hope that it will help people that are also currently on a quest to lose weight ^^ And if you need any help or have any questions, please let me know in the comments, my formspring of you could even email me at info [at] roxannedelfgou [dot] com ^^. I know this post is really long haha, it took me almost two hours to write everything! So I hope you enjoy :)

And now for those who didn't want to read about the weightloss, here is a random outfit from me clubbing yesterday evening with my sister! :D

And with my sister at the club's bathroom haha, we danced the night away like there was no other!

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  1. I am to submit a report on this niche your post has been very very helpfull Type your comment here.  african mango for weight loss

  2. Thank you for writing this post! Also, thank you for your wonderful comment back and follow, it means so much to have an inspiration like you take note of me! I'd like to clarify that I think I made a misunderstanding in my comment~ When I was sick/needed a transplant my success rate was only 40% chance to live and that's when I gave up on weight because I thought it wasn't important anymore. I reclaimed my strength and got my hopes back up and I did end up getting the transplant and when I became healthy again I got my weight loss goal back~ I meant that I always looked toward you as an inspiration because you had the style and body type I would like to achieve! I had become very fat but thanks to keeping up I have lost hm.. 50-60 pounds? Which is .. 60 is 27 kilos but I don't know Kilos I had to google XD Silly American kids haha. I am really thankful for this post because you are right that we get stuck in weight loss -0- I am currently trying to shock my body because I am on a plateau trying to get to my healthy BMI, too! I find the less sugars you intake the less cravings you have. I started a diet last year that cut all sugars from your body, Jorge Cruz diet? I think that was it. I thought it would be painful but I noticed instantly my cravings weren't there when cutting all sugars O: It also helped to stay busy! I bought a Wii for my mother for Christmas a couple years back, I want to try Just Dance XD Maybe I will get it for her so I can play it, too! Otherwise, I never thought to follow them off Youtube! Thanks for that! I will definitely take a look at your favorites and I'm happy to hear you're staying healthy and not to crazed on losing weight. You're GORGEOUS! xx 

  3. Wow you are seriously so gorgeous and so inspirational. I have always been self-concious of my own weight as well because for an asian girl I am consider "weighty" as well. Since seeing this post you have really encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle! 
    I am a new follower on your blog and would love it if you check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)

  4. I loved this post! You are doing all the things I did to lose weight! (down to playing Just Dance on wii!) and I can tell you that it really works!
    When I started on this diet I was 65 kilos. I'm only 150cm tall, so I
    was VERY large, now I am 52kg, so this type of diet really does work!!
    It took me about 1 1/2 years to do it the 'right' way and not hurting my
    body. When you stop eating the sweets and snacks, your body stops craving them. In the end, it becomes easy to keep the weight off because
    you have changed the way you live!

    Good luck on your journey, Rox! Even if it takes a long time, don't give up! If this is what you want to do, I think you can put your mind to it and get it done!!

  5. Good Luck ! But you really look godd like this >.<

  6. If You need to lose wieght than I'm a fat pig. But Good luck and I'm happy you're trying to become healthier! I need to start losing weight too lol love your outfit Rox!

  7. Good luck! I am trying to lose weight too!

  8. Good luck!! 

    I have the same problem, actually. I have pains in my knees and back due to weight gain, but people always adamantly say I don't need to lose weight. I just assume it's out of concern that I might try to speed diet or starve myself, but that's not the case. 

    I hope you are able to continue to lose some weight and become healthier. ^^

  9. If you think you need to be thinner then good luck with your weightloos.
    I do feel the need to let you know that BMI is really unrealiable though, it doesn't take into account that muscle is denser than fat, so a person who is 190 pounds of mostly fat and a person who is 190 pounds of mosly muscle have the same BMI rating (my local rugby team are MUCLE MOUNTAINS but are obese according to BMI 0_0) it's much better to use the Body Fat Index scale, you should be able to find that out from a Dr.
    Anyway, good luck :)

  10. I was reading this while eating Bacon ;__;...But Next week I'll officially start my diet too :D! and omg 4 kilos in 2 weeks *__* congratulations! your hard work is paying off!! I'm going to join the gym and will stop eating bacon, chips and too much chocolate T__T!, but It will be worth it :).  I would buy a wii but have no space to play D:!!. Oh well thanks for this post now I feel more encourage :D <3  and you look pretty as always !

  11. I hopped over from FB because I got curious about this post~ :D

    Judging from your face only I would indeed have never guessed your actual weight that way. You're taller than me though, so it's hard to know what 78kg is like from my point of view, especially since weight isn't THAT essential; not everyone's bones are the same, some have more muscle mass (which actually weighs more, but slims you down visually!) and others are just lucky with a tiny build. 

    You might've noticed from my Tumblr that I'm pretty involved with health and fitness as an overall lifestyle, and I decided to make that change about...3 years ago? It went slow and gradually, but after trying a lot of things and seeking my way in the food compartment I found a fun way to deal with things, exercise regularly and try new recipes pretty often. 

    The fact that your knees are giving you difficulties is definitely an obstacle with exercising though :< I'd recommend Turbofire (which I am hooooked on) but it involves a lot of jump training, which your knees probably can't take. 
    You could give Turbo Jam a try though, which is a much easier level, and there is always someone present doing a lower-impact version of certain moves for people who have injuries or difficulties like you do :) It's kind of like a basic cardio-dance-kickbox kind of mix of moves, and great fun! 
    Then another thing to keep motivating yourself is; yes; follow some health-inspiring blogs on tumblr! Some of them post tasty recipes, and the appealing pictures of healthy (and real, clean food as you mentioned) will make you crave those, and not the junk food. After a certain amount of time, when you're used to the actual better taste of real foods, junk food will overtime actually taste a lot less good than it used to be. Think like this; it looks good on your plate, but not so good on your hips! That makes me think twice, haha.

    This is also a very fun blog to follow and some of their workouts are very effective; http://toneitup.com/ also sparkpeople's workouts on YT aren't too hard and too long and easy to fit into your day :> And with your knees, do give weightlifting a try! Muscle burns fat and makes you lose cm, women really don't bulk up unless you start drinking raw egg whites and a looottttt of protein shakes and hormones xD 

    And curves... woman, I know all about them. A shirt rarely looks good on me, and my hips tend to make me look gigantic because they're just... wide. (my measurements are 81-56/57-80... THE HORRO) 

    Thank god hour glass figures are sexy for on the beach, though. We make them twigs jealous ;D

    And wow, sorry my comment got long. But I hope some of my tips will help you over time. Best of luck on your journey! ♥

  12. I am really glad you made this post and opened up <3 I am losing weight too but I think I am shorter than you (i'm 160~ish) my goal for the moment is 50kg. in 2010 I weighed roughly 70kg too so I have been there. I'm just starting to motivate myself "positively" instead of keeping on calling myself bad things and getting down. I really hope you make your goal and I am sure that plenty of your readers (including myself) and your friends & family will support you and keep you motivated! I'm mainly looking to lose weight from my legs and arms (haha if I can target it :( ) as my 3-sizes seem quite small... (84-63-90) it's really frustrating to buy clothes! ;__; 

    You are absolutely beautiful though - so keep that in mind and good luck!! <3 <3

  13. I never have thought that you got almost the same sizes and wheigt as me. I was always impressed by your looks and wanted to be more like your size, cause I thought that you allready lost some wheigt since you started with gyaru. Allthough we have almost the same size I think you look amazing with every look and I also want to wish you all the best with your reaching your goal. I know that I'm going to start right now to lose my own wheigt before christmas this year!

    Please keep us updated with your progress! Good luck with everything girl, you can do it ^_^
    Oh, and when you have a really healthy recepie that tasts awesome I would love to know it ^_^

  14. I would have never even guessed you were a heavier girl for your height to be honest. You already look great the way you are but if you're in to loose weight for health issues that's of course a legit reason! I wish you all the best for the rest of your weightloss journey :)

  15. Congratulations in your start and good luck to you!!!)))absolutely agree with you about diets)) sport is the best way for loosing weight)

  16. Heel veel succes met je dieet, en ik hoop voor je dat het je gaat lukken!
    Die dans video's zien er leuk  uit, misschien dat ik dat ook ga proberen. Een leuke manier om in beweging te zijn ^^

    En leuke outfit verder!

  17. Veel sterkte met je dieet! Ik heb echt veel respect voor je dat je dat doet. Zelf ben ik echt een sugar-junkie eigenlijk en ik weet dat het beter voor me zou zijn als ik daar ook in zou minderen. Maar het is zo lekker! D:

    En ik hoop voor je dat je je streefgewicht zal behalen! ^_^

    En over die just dance routines... Doet me denken aan toen ik een jaar geleden ofzo bedacht van 'hey, ik kan ook parapara gaan doen om meer te bewegen!'. Maar ik zuig echt in routines onthouden. Echt, geef me een lap met informatieve dingen uit een schoolboek en ik onthoud het zonder veel problemen. Maar dansjes... Mijn brein kan dat niet verwerken ofzo. O_o
    Dus ik hou het gewoon op freestyle dansen! :D
    Maar dansen is wel een goeie manier om lekker te bewegen. En ook een stuk leuker dan random op een sportschool op apparaten zweten (vind ik dan).

    En je foto's van gister zien er ook erg leuk uit! :D

    Veel succes in elk geval verder!

  18. You´re so pretty no matter how much you weight, charlotte :)

  19. When I read that you have lost 4 kilos already, I was like "Oh no, is she having some stupid diet and starving? ;-;" but this post made me so happy ! You're a clever girl ^^
    I'm also losing weight in the same way as you (by eating just healthy food and exercising more) and I've noticed that this isn't bad at all. Have you noticed that you feel a lot more energetic and cheerful nowadays? At least I have. The quality of food really effects a lot !

    Anyway, I'm wishing you a good luck ! ~

  20. I hope you manage to reach your goal! Excercise should help strengthen your muscles to take the pressure of your joints and hopefully you won't have so much pain in your knees. Another good way to help back pain is to work on your stomach muscles as these are core to keeping you upright and can help ease back pain :) Good luck!

  21. jaaaa die van ET! Die is zooooo fijn, als je die een uur achter elkaar doet, ben je kapot XD
    Als je trouwens iets anders wil dan dansen, hebben ze ook nog nederland in beweging, het is wel wat rustiger aan (voor ouwe mensen) maar er zit wel een goede warming up/ cooling down bij. Ik doe daar ook vaak aan mee. Geloof dat je die terug kan vinden op de site van omroep max~

  22. It's nice to read about this as my current goal is to eat less sweets (because I do not want to end up with bad health). The tips you gave in this blogpost are also very useful for me, even though it is not my intention to lose weight. If you have more tips on healthy food or perhaps recipes that are nice and healthy, would you consider sharing them?

    I wish you the best of luck with the diet and I would love to see some progress post within 2~3 months perhaps :D (also: Usually long texts put me off, but this one was rather nice to read!)

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