woensdag 4 januari 2012

New wig, small gets and outfit

Hii lovelies! <3

Today I once again have gone shopping with my mom, she needed a new bag so we went to Hilversum to shop, which we had never gone before but they had some cute stores! Luckily for my mom she found a great bag in the first shop haha, but we continued anyway which led to some cute things for me and my little sister ^^,

And here are my gets of the day! Though the lashes came of ebay but they arrived to me the day before and I just love them <3

And I also got a wig! It's a wig that ive seen around a store near my house, and I've been eyeing it for a while but I was too hessitant to buy it~ but today I stumbled upon it again in another store, and I just had to get it :D It was only 10 euros and I was looking for a more everyday wig ^^, But first a sort of 'before and after photo' as you can see the wig had this sort of wetlook effect and it's rather shiny, but I will do everything to get the shine out! In the after pictures I brushed the whole wig out and added powder to it, it didnt help to much but I have some other tricks up my sleeve! ^^ (FACE SPAM!)

These pictures resemble the colour of the wig best ^^
So now for the outfit~ the pink cardigan in action! XD And also the new lashes in action in an eyemake shot~

Lately I've also been trying to revamp my blond wig, not the really long one but the slightly shorter one I own ^^ It was always really flat, and I actually wanted it to be huuuuuuuuuuge, but unfortunatly, I don't own those skills ;n; I dont get how I get my own hair to reach to heaven and when I try the same techniques on a wig it stays merely flat ;n; But I did get some more volume in it! But I wish I had a wig sponsor that would get me wigs I could try out on haha <3 The first pictures is how it was, and the second picture is how it is now, no make-up, sorry that too lazy to sensor my face :') It is a little bigger irl, but it's hard to get a good picture of it~ I've spend hours and hours on teasing and then some on curling~!


So that's my post for today! I should really also make a post about the X-mas gal meet in dusseldorf cause it was so much fun :D <3 Thank you for reading !

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  1. does it happen to be toko mee sin or am I wrong :P I never know where to get cheap wigs in stores :( I live in north holland but willing to travel far, so if you have any suggestions they are more than welcome ^^

  2. The wig looks beautiful on you!

  3. The wigs looks good on you :) I love the lashes! and wow I'm amazed how the shiney thingy of the wig was removed! what powder do you need to use? and how? hehe tips please <3

  4. You're welcome! <3
    Awh dang, that really sucks ;__; Oooh okies! Well that'll be so so nice of yoou >//< Although would you mind if I don't get it just yet? I wanna get used to my new one first tehhehe :P <3 Thank you so much ^3^

  5. wholesalewigsonline.com highly recommend.. I personally purchased a lot of real human hair hand tied wefts and wigs from wholesalewigsonline.com i got my hair so fast and it is absolutely the softest, most beautiful hair i have ever seen it is always smooth and delightful, the quality of the hair is wonderful,   this hair is awesome!  the hair was simple to maintain and i love the natural look of it i got tons of compliments! excellent quality and durability ,it is easy to work with and maintain on

  6. moral_extremist21 juli 2012 om 19:19

    I love that wig on you, the color flatters your skin and eyes so well * A *

  7. Love the wig and did you buy a faux fur shawl? Looks so cute!

  8. The wig looks pretty! And the color is so niceee *____* ~~

    Woah! Tricks for the wig shine? mmm, I've never heard about them... like powder? O.รด??... I would like to know! >w<

  9. The new wig was so cheap and looks really lovely! <3
    The lashes also look good on you! =3

  10. awesome wig stand! XD

    i always cut some shorter hair under the top hair to give more hold and teasing works better! only a few hairs! :D 

  11. Aaah you're so pretty! *_* I love love love that wig <3 If only they had shops that sell wigs for that price around here! <3 Do you know if that shop has an online store? ^^ 

  12. ohhhhhh I love the lashes!! could you post the ebay link  please???

    I loveee the wig!! *_*

  13. leea verschelden21 juli 2012 om 19:29

    I have been looking at the wigs there but never botherd to look at the price XD The extensions they have are pretty decent for the price(5 -10 euro a packet)

  14. leea verschelden21 juli 2012 om 19:29

    I have a small question, considering you said you went shopping in Hilversum, did you buy the wig there? if so, from the toko near the xenos and subway?