zaterdag 14 januari 2012

Random Make-up experimenting~

Hii everyone!
It's been a while, lately I've been very caught up in life again haha, going to school, doing school work, working out, etc etc. I've been trying to lose some weight since the beginning of January and I've already lost 4 kilos and about 2 cm in every part of my measurements, I'm excited and hope that I can keep up dieting and working out to get to a weight that is more healthy for me :)

Today aside from being very busy with school I decided to play a bit with my make-up, I felt that I was stuck with the way I did my make-up and I needed some change. So I went doing my make-up and I am so happy with it! Hence the fact I am now going to spam you with my face haha XD

A bad close-up photo, but it's a closeup photo!

I'm sorry for the very weird layout of this post, but there is something going on with either blogger of my mom's laptop which just doesnt let me fix this! I'm also for the random face spam, I just couldnt come up with anything that was even the least bit more interesting at the moment, since my mind has drawn a bit blanco u_u
I hope you'll like this 'new' make-up style, I personally love it, and it feels to me that I am now a little step closer to becoming a good gaijin gyaru! :)

Lots of Love and untill next time! <3

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ouhwnnnnnnnnnnnnn *-*
    Very Beautiful !! Love Style Gyaru!!! <33333333

  2. i love your new makeup, beautiful!
    and congratulations on your weight loss dear <3


  3. Omg! I love this new look on you it looks gorgeous ^_^ Great job.

    I'd also second the Tutorial!

  4. You look so cute! And I really like this kind of make-up! (Could you maybe do a tutorial for it some day? *insert-puss-in-boots-big-eyes* ^^)
    And yay for losing weight and measurements! Keep up the good work! :D

  5. I love this new look! What lenses are you wearing here?
    Be careful not to overdo it with the weight loss, please. It's not good for your body to loose too much weight at once. But I'm going to root for you :)

  6. You look fabulous! This "new" make up look is so beautifull.
    But please could you tell me what are you doing right now for loosing your weight? So what is your big secret for this amazing result?