zondag 22 januari 2012

Small Eyemake-up tutorial!

Hii everyone~!

I want to thank everybody for your comments on my last post, they mean a lot too me! And I am sorry for letting you down regarding actually blogging, but like I have said before I am unfortunately busy, and it won't get any better because .. I got a job! I am really happy I finally found a job, I'll be working at a wok restaurant as a waitress. It won't give me heaps of money but every little bit helps for me to save up to go to Japan today!

So anyway back to the topic, I promised some of you to make a make-up tutorial on my 'newest' eyemake-up look and so I did! And as we all know the laws of nature, whenever you want to show something to someone it goes terribly wrong so the make-up looks a little sloppy but the general idea is there, so I hope you will like it :) I made it in pictures this time, I thought since it is an eyemake-up only tutorial it would be better understandable with pictures, since my videos wouldn't show as much detail as the pictures do. Feel free to repost or ask me any questions about it!

I didn't add the products I used in the tutorial, since they're usually not that interesting and very cheap, but for those who would like to know I'll add a list of used products here!

Lenses - Princess mimi/ Bambi series Sesame Grey
Eyeshadow - Essence 01 Ciao Bella! Palette
Shimmer Eyeshadow - Miss Sporty 008 Godess
Eyeliner - Landbis Eyeliner Pen - Rich Black (Review here)
Eyeshadow - Nina Ricci, nameless, black with gold glitters
Upper Lashes - Diamond Glamorous 
Lower Lashes - Jewerich No.3 like~

That's it! :) I hope you all enjoyed it, and let me know when you tried it out! <3

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a well made tutorial~ What brand is your shimmer powder?


  2. Thanks for sharing your eye makeup is gorgeous! xx

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! :D
    I will definitely try it out with classic lolita some day, and also when I am wearing my liz lisa dress (but I don't know when I will wear that one). ^__^

  4. Aah I love it! I will definitely try this out :3 I love how you made a background and everything for it! ^^

  5. Very well done tutorial and super cute graphics too!

  6. thanks for the tutorial ^^
    the outcome is really pretty! :3

  7. very pretty *Q* and i like that tutorial ~ hope to see more!!

    ShuShu ♥

  8. Eyeliner effect is wonderful!! Wanna prove it!

    Elaborated tuto!

  9. I love how you've done this! (^__^) super cute and well explained

  10.  great tutorial! ^ ^ love how you decorated it ♥