vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Xmas meet-up in Düsseldorf!

Hii everyone!

It is a bit late but I still decided to write about the meetup in Düsseldorf (last year haha). Some german gals organized a big meet-up in Düsseldorf and so me and some fellow HYPER members decided to go there! Düsseldorf is not all that far away from the Dutch borders and Germany has a really large 'Gyaru population', I hope one day the Dutch gyaru scene will be atleast as big as theirs, but we have a really small country and I'm really happy with all the girls (and guys) that are into Gyaru here because we have a really fun group, but it's always nice to see more and new faces! ^^

The day started off with a looong journey, we first met up in Venlo to take the train to Düdo, and for me it was allready about a 3 hour trip to get there, and after that it would still take 1 hour to go to Düdo, but it was worth it! Here are some pictures in the train to Düdo~

(L) Estherbel Me and Kari      (R) Charlotte!

(L) Picture of Kari after I volumized her hair :D (R) Imke who decided to come last minute, yay! :D

When we arrived at the station we could allready see that there was big group waiting for us, and some other people so we said hi to everyone we know, and eventhough it may not always look like it, I'm rather shy and hardly dare to talk to new people, so sorry for those who I haven't talked to, it has nothing to do with arrogance but with pure shyness >< 
After we got everyone together we went to a Japanese store where you can take Purikura! I miss Purikura machines so much, we once had one in the netherlands, but that one died unfortunatly, eventhough it allready sucked, but still! Better 1 bad Purikura machine than none at all! Before we entered the store we took a groupshot, oh man there were so many of us! I'm suprised we all fit in one shot haha. Just look at how big that group is! :D 

So after that it was ofcourse time fooor, PURIKURA! yaaaay, we took so many and it was sometimes hard to fit everyone into that booth, but it sure as hell was a lot of fun! :D And yes in the first series I had a hard time trying to get above Estherbel and into the shot, so I just started to make stupid faces because I knew I was hardly going to be in them anyway 

We took some other Purikura too but I didn't scan them so I can't show you them unfortunatly ^^" Here are some more pictures~


After everybody was done taken Purikura, which ended up to take about 3 hours haha we all went our own way to go for some food ^^, most of the people went to get Japanese food, but our group was fine with just anything! And while we were walking towards the city we passed a mexican place and I immideatly stopped and was like: 'LETS GO HERE, MEXICAN FOOD, YEAH!' and they also had cocktails, do double score! :D

Later one, the rest of the split up group joined us at the cocktailbar and we were transferred to a part of the bar that could seat all of us, even though a lot of gals had allready left, we were still with about 30 people~
We drank some more cocktails and had laughs and jokes with everyone haha
After that it was unfortunatly almost time for us to leave, but ofcourse we couldn't leave without first taking some more pictures with everyone that was still at the cocktailbar!


After that we sadly enough had to go home D: It is always so much fun to be at big meetups, especially while getting to know new people, or chatting up with friends you haven't seen for a while! I really had a blast this meetup, and I hope that we can have more and bigger meetup like this everywhere! :D

So for last I will show you some pictures of my hairmake before I left the house. I'll be honest with you all, I really didn't like the way I looked that day, my hair fell down as soon as I got out of the house, my outfit was rather last minute and it didn't do me any good, and overal I just felt horribly ugly the whole day through u_u I did have a shitload of fun though, so that makes up for all of it and is most important! :D But I really, really have to work on my gyaru skills, and try to suck less at it u_u

That's it for that meet-up! :D I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, and that it shows off the fun I had! ^^ Thank you for reading! <3

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  1. wow! what a big group! sounds like so much fun! ^_^

  2. awww I really enjoy looking at these pics!! you all look really good *__*! and it looks like you had tons of fun! <3

  3. >.< All of you are sooo kawaiii~

    I haven't gyaru/gyaru-o friends near me Y_Y Seems fun!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun!

    And Charlie's hair + hair accessories are amazing!

  5. I had no idea that Germany had so many great gyaru!  Looks like a fun event!  I want to go to a big event like that! XD  You look great too!

  6. Het ziet er echt gezellig uit en jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn! :(
    Ik hoop wel ooit in de toekomst zo'n grote meet bij te kunnen wonen, dat
    lijkt me echt gaaf om met zo veel gyaru en gyaru-o op pad te zijn!

    Jammer dat je je verder niet mooi voelde die dag. Ik vind je er in ieder geval mooi uitzien op je foto's!

    En die groepsfoto is ook gaaf trouwens, echt zo groot! *_*

    En dat haar van diegene met dat grote lichtroze haar (Miss Neko ofzoiets?) op de groepsfoto ziet er trouwens ook gaaf uit. ^^

  7. You all look so cute!! I love your hair!!! =)


  8. It looks like several great gyaru showed up, and a lot of people with interest in gyaru too. I wonder why Germany has more gyaru interest than other countries haha! You looked great and its so fun you could join it^^

  9. Aw you all look so fab! I wish that I knew of gyaru/gyaruo that lived around me ; o ; Los Angeles is about 1.5-2 hours away from me!

    Dusseldorf sounds like a fun place! I heard that they have a huge Japanese population there! 

    I think it's so great that you all have been able to get together and create such lovely friendships! I hope that you all will continue to be friends as time goes on! :) 

    I like the two-toned! Now you've got me interested in trying it out on my blonde hair XD

  10. ; A ; Aaaaaa those meets always look like so much fuuuuuuuun urfidevkjuedc one day, I will go. >:0
    And didn't Rui quit gyaru-o? Why is he there? ಠ_ಠ
    ; o ; Would asking if you could post the blogs of the people that attended be too much to ask?