zondag 5 februari 2012

Blogger Award from Niesje + Random outfit

Hello everyone!

Today the lovely Niesje gave me a blogger award and I always feel so happy for getting them ^^ Make sure to check out her blog! She always posts adorable lolita outfits and photoshoots ^^

Here are the rules!
- Quote who gave you this award
- Write 7 things about you
- Sign this award to 15 other bloggers

So, 7 things about myself, always hard, but it will be random!

- My cat's name is Pien, and I love her with all my heart
- I own about 40 pairs of shoes (I never trow anything away)
- I drink a lot of coffee, because I love it
- I'm scared when the bread pops out of the toaster
- I own about 10 lolita dresses, and only one is a brand one, the rest is handmade
- I've been sewing since I was 11, my grandmother taught me the ways~ 
- I own more than 150 'jars' of nailpolish

And now for those who I give the award to!
I was too lazy to give a description or anything, so just click the links and check these blogs out! <3

And as I promised a random outfit I wore when Charlotte came to visit me so we could work on her blog layout :P I tried to go for a straight hairmake, but since I ran out of hairspray, you can see it failed :p

That's it for now! Bye sweethearts <3

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hmm sorry about my bad english.. :D

  2. I love your contact lenses! Where have you bought them from? You're hair looks gorgeous too! ^_^

  3. Aw that's so nice of you to tag me! Thank you! :33

    I love how your hair turned out, even though it failed in your mind ^^;; I really need to work on getting big hair, my hair is always so rebellious so sometimes it is hard to!