zondag 12 februari 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards!

Hello everyone!
As some of you may know allready, the nominations for the GGA are up! And to my suprise
I found out that I was nominated, in 3 categories! I could not believe it since I don't feel like 
I'm the best in anything or whatshowever! But you all have no idea how happy this made me,
I almost cried haha, can you believe what a baby I am? This means so much to me~!
I promise I will become better and improve on every single thing I have, this is a huge 
motivation for me, I'm slowely regaining my first found love for Gyaru back! <3
But what I was even more happy about to see that HYPER was nominated in both categories!
Oh man I am so happy that our circle has been nominated, and I secretly hope that we will
win atleast 1 categorie, though competing against the other circles will be quite hard!
I want to thank everybody that nominated both me and HYPER, it is so extremely sweet
that you thought of us! I probably won't win any of the categories because I'm competing
against much better gals! And how could I ever compete against Charlotte in the hair category?
It will be impossible haha! If you would like to vote please click THIS link, and please vote
for your favorite gals!
And here is the video with the nominees!

I really want to thank Lhouraii for making this all possible! It is amazing to see how much
work and effort one girl puts into making the Gyaru scene a better place with a bit more love <3
There is just to much hatered in the scene and I'm sure that people will have something to bitch
about when it comes to the GGA, but really I don't see why because this is such a lovely idea!
I was also pleasantly suprised to see new faces being nominated, great job everybody! :)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. omg really *0*?? awww thank you! I was really surprised XDD and didn't expect it at all. And omg you can see the future o__o!!! hahaha <3

  2. Congrats with the nominations! I already voted for everyone <3 I hope you win, and good luck!

  3. CONGRATS my dear!!! i feel so glad that you got nominated and wish you good luck! :xx

    ShuShu ♥

  4. congratulations on getting nominated! <3<3

  5. Aww I'm so happy you got nominated in so many categories you are one of my fav gals! *__* <3

  6. Congratz ^ ^

    Just wanna tell you that I found your blog because of GGA XD
    I think your look is very impressive and that's why I decided to follow you here.

  7. Congratulations!!! *____* You deserved to be in 3 and more categories !!! I also find Lhouraii's effort great to make Gyaru's world more united!! >__<

  8. congrats! you really deserve your nominations!

  9. Congrats to you girl!
    I nominated you - so I'm really happy to see others felt the same! :D <3