woensdag 15 februari 2012

Outfit Snap~ New coat!

Hi everyone! Just a very quick snap of an outfit today :) I'm trying to let me decome match
my outfits, can you tell? haha. Nothing too special, just really casual.
Something I wear on a more daily basis ^^,

I also bought a new coat today! The only really warm coat I have for this weather is my wintersports coat
and that one isn't too stylish unfortunatly :') And since the weather here probably won't really become any
better any time soon, I decided to go for this coat! I got a bit tired of all my black coats and tried to look
 for a nice beige one, but all of the ones I saw were either too small or to expensive, and today just
randomly I stumbled upon this one! It was only 35 euros, it is reaaally warm and it fits me! Granted, it is a little too big, but because of my chest I can't fit into smaller sized without the buttons falling of xD I will probably alter it a little with gold buttons and slimming down the waist, but I really like it! ^^,
Also bought a new eyeshadow for daily wear, its a really nice taupe color ^^

That's it again for today! I have to get back to my schoolwork ghehe. And thank you everyone for the
positive feedback on last' post~! I made a small section in my sidebar with upcoming copies,
I will do my best to make one every week! If you have any suggestions please let me know! :)
Love <3

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love that bolero!
    I want a beige coat, too. But, I have 6 coats already! xD

  2. Your outfits is really nice!!
    I wish I had your sense of fashion XD

    Your new coat is cute tho but it'd be more cute if some ribbon,that's what I think XD

  3. ooh you post very regularly this week ;) khekhekhe i am really crazy about outerwear ~ i own so many coats (too many..). i especially like the fur collar of your new coat :3

    ShuShu ♥

  4. such a stylish coat! gold buttons on the front would look really good *o*

    as always your co-ordinates are lovely :3x