vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Outfit Snap~

Just a small outfit snapshot of today! I decided to wear a 'lolita' outfit again, but it's more casual, just the way I like it ^^ The layers are very nice and warm though haha

Today I also wore this wig in public for the first time and people really loved it! They didn't even guess it was a wig so this surely makes me comfortable to wear it more often because it does make me feel like I look fabulous <3 I should definetly buy it in more colours! :D

That's it for the small update, I think I will make updates like these more often :)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your dress and wig! Cute outfit :3

  2. moral_extremist21 juli 2012 om 19:17

    Your outfit is way cute ;___; <3

  3. you look awsome, i absolutely love this style *Q*

    ShuShu ♥

  4. Awww, I love this outfit *___* You look so cute ♥

  5.  cute outfit! :)

  6. You look so cute in lolita! The wig is lovely!