maandag 27 februari 2012

Outfit Snaps~

Hii everyone~!
I am sorry that I lacked updating again, and even now I am not really bringing anything that interesting but hey, im still alive! XD Just some small outfit snaps from the past week~ You can see that they are not really that interesting all together, since I am so busy that I usually just put on the most random and most comfortable clothes on I can find. You can also see the horrible frizzy state my hair is in all day, every day. There is honestly nothing I can do about it unless I straighten it every day (even that hardly helps) but that would be quite bad for my hair, so Im just waiting for the weather to turn better u_u

On another note, and I know I hardly get really personal on this blog, but I felt like sharing it with you anyway, I have been rather overworked lately. And I am currently at the point where it is affecting my health. Last Friday at work I got a hyperventilation attack, which I had never had before. I had no idea what the hell was happening to me and I had the feeling I was dying since nobody else around me knew either. It went on for atleast 45 minutes, and somewhere in between I got to call my mom, who then dragged me to the hospital since I wasn't able to stand on my own two feet anymore. Once in the hospital I finally got to calm down, got my breathing under control, slowly regained feeling in both my arms and legs and my sight slightly grew better. I was really scared though and I hope it won't happen again, but Im afraid it will. School is really starting to get the better of me, and when Im not working on school Im working in the restaurant to try and save up for Tokyo, because honestly, it is the only thing that keeps me going now. Almost all of my classmates aren't enjoying making their graduation collection anymore, and I have the feeling im not either. There are so many deadlines for so many different things and even other teachers said that fashion design students work the hardest. And though I love what I do, I almost have the feeling I can't keep up anymore, but honestly, nobody seems to be able to do so. So yeah, Im looking forward for a month of vacation in Tokyo, even though it is faaaaaar away. u_u Sorry for this downer talk guys, I hope I can soon bring you more fortunate news again :)

Love you all! <3

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  1. strawberry-pirate21 juli 2012 om 19:15

    hey dear,

    I'am also working on my graduation collection right now and I know exactly how you feel like!
    I'am always thinking about my to do list and I'am constantly thinking that I'am forgetting stuff, because it's so much to do and to remember, to organize and to sew.
    I'am really glad when everything's finished and I did my last exam (it's on monday *_*let's knock on wood!)

    I hope you'll feel better soon! Just think about everything will be over soon! It's the only thing that keeps me working!

  2. oh noooo my dear!!!! Y.Y I hope you are alright now and wish you the best ~ you have to be hardworking but please don't overdo! health is very important! :xx

    ShuShu ♥

  3. Cute decorations on your pics! ~
    I love your different coords ^^ Especially the second set <3
    I hope you feel better soon ;_; Take a rest from work every once in a while... I know you're saving up for JApan, but your health is really important ;_; <3

  4. Thank youuu <3 En die tip zou ik misschien maar eens uit moeten proberen, maar dan moet ik wel een plantenspuit zoeken en weten wat die olien zijn en waar ik ze vandaan halen kan haha. Het is echt oncontroleerbaar statisch ook u_u

    Ik heb inderdaad in een papieren zakje geblazen, maar het heeft helaas niet helemaal gewerkt, tot ik in het ziekenhuis kwam en ik daar een soort apparaatje kreeg waar ik door moest ademen en de zuster me wist te kalmeren, nu alleen maar hopen dat ik het de volgende keer ook zelf kan u_u hoewel ik niet hoop dat het een volgende keer gebeurt ofc~

  5. Aww thank you :3 I hope everything will go uphill from now <3

  6. Violeta Meynell Polikarenko21 juli 2012 om 19:15

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  7. I like your outfits! :D
    Ik heb laatst in een high-fashion tijdschrift gelezen van zo'n haarstylist van catwalkshows en die had als tip gegeven tegen frizzy hair dat je dan een plantenspuit moest nemen, en dan water met een beetje etherische olie erin en dat in je haar spuiten en dan is je haar weer mooi glad. Zelf heb ik het nog niet geprobeerd, maar misschien helpt het jou?

    En wat vervelend dat je eindcollectie echt zo veel van je vraagt. Maar probeer wel je gezondheid in de gaten te houden hoor! *hug!!*
    Trouwens, mocht je volgende keer een paniekaanval hebben met hyperventilatie, pak een zakje en adem daar een poosje in. Dat helpt echt. (vanwege je koolstofdioxide gehalte enzo)

  8. You're so pretty. Hope you get better soon x

  9. Aww thank you! I just cant tie myself down to one style haha :3

  10. Wow Wow!! You're a chameleon!! YOur can look sweet, fashion and rokku!!

    Adorables all your outfits!