vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Snowy Weather

Hii everyone!

I will once again apologize for the lack of updates, but it's the same old excuse, I am so terribly busy. I think this week all together I slept for 10 hours haha, because I've been working my ass of for school.

Today was actually quite a horrible day, it started snowing rather badly so all the public transport in the Netherlands was basically shut down, it took me 4 hours (!!) to go from my school to my work, which, if all wouldve gone well, would only take 1 hour. This included 2 hours of waiting in the freezing cold and 2 hours of standing handsfree in a packed bus where I couldn't move and had to stand the whole time trying to hold my luggage up, and I had to work directly after that ;n; but enough of the wining and self pity xD I will show you some pictures of the snow that brings our country down haha.

Waiting at the bus stop for 45 minutes (to actually get to the station where no trains went at all ><)
My not so adorable snow boots and view from my 'classroom's' window
Some shots of my classroom where we were helding a casting for models for our graduation show (anyone interested? LET ME KNOW!) 

And it wasn't my intention to put these up yet, but here is a small impression of some test models I made for my graduation collection :) TBH I can't wait till I'm done and see the results and all my effort and work come together <3

 So that was it for a small random post, it is finally weekend! What will you guys do this weekend? ^^ I will celebrate the weekend by sleeping, and working on school haha

2 opmerkingen:

  1. SNOW!
    Strangely, it hasn't snowed at all here yet this year... actually, I haven't needed a coat in 3 days!
    Hope it doesn't snow too much! Be careful!

  2. Woohoo, snow! Too bad the trains never ride when there is snow..
    And those test models looks very interesting :D