zondag 25 maart 2012

Gets, Tattoo, Outfit, Make-up~

Hey everybody!

Here I am again to bore you with a random post! 8D I wanted to share with you my gets of this week and some other stuff <3

So lets first go on to the gets, my new shoes! <3 I love them so much! A new shoe store opened up in my city and I walk by it every day, and these shoes that were in the window just struck me and I had to have them. Unfortunatly I didn't have the time to buy them, so I waited and waited and voila! <3 Excuse the mess in the background please :') They're rather high, 15 cm, which means that if I wear them I'll be 1.80m xD
And here are some cute skull earrings I got from ebay~ They can actually move the jawline! XD and this amazing shirt I got, it says 'hey ladies, don't fear the mustache'! It is actually a men's shirt but I just had to have it haha, and yes im not wearing any make-up in that picture, I am sooo lazy/ busy lately xD

And now onto some more random things~ First off I got one of my bow tattoos colored this week! Unfortunatly we ran out of time so I only had one done. It is a 2,5 hour trainride to the tattoo artists' house and if I wanted to make it back home in time I just had to go u_u so soon the next one will be coloured too! <3 sorry for the really akward photo, but it sure is hard trying to take a proper picture of the back of your leg! XD

And to top it off, a random outfit with my DIY shirt, and some crappy make-up pictures from when I went clubbing, unfortunatly I only had 30 minutes to get ready and I couldn't take proper pictures so these were made in the train with my crappy cellphone camera ;n; But I wore my small demon horns haha, thought it made a nice look XD 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. GIRL, those little booties are so hott! I'm loving everything here :)

  2. Die schoenen! <3
    En je strikje tattoo ziet er echt heel leuk uit!

  3. If you got a new camera, why don't you take outfit-photos with it?

  4. i like your style o(^3^)o
    i love this black shoes and your tatoo is so cute

  5. I'm so impressed with your tattoo!!!  

    Don't worry about random posts, it's fun to see your stuff!  :)

  6. you never look crappy :) i like your tatoo ^^

  7. I want boots like these in my life!! XD

    Awwn, you look super nice in those pictures, I wish I looked like that when I go out clubbing >.< <3

  8. I love those shoes, theyre simple but really pretty too!

    Your tattoo is really cute :)
    I can image its hard to take a picture though hehe

  9. They're all looks so cool!!
    I guess you'd look pretty in any style anyway XD

  10. Ahh your tattoo is too cute! I really want to get one but I'm so afraid lmao.
    Your outfit is sooo cute, You have great make up too!

  11. that tattoo is really pretty!♥ but where did you bought that mustache shirt? I need that also, looks so awesome! xD