maandag 19 maart 2012

Lolita outfit snap~

Hi everyone!
Just here to bore you with a small outfit snap~ I wore lolita for a school picture, because two students wanted to have everyone wearing pastel, and unfortunatly lolita is the only pastel colored clothing I have u_u I have spend 4 years trying to get rid of my lolita image at school, and now I will be in my graduation book looking like one forever ;n; oh well ...
The outfit~ The dress is handmade :)

My extentions look like they are a way different colour, but tbh, I have 500 shades of red in my hair right now so irl it looks more like it does on the outfit shot here :)

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  1. Heyy! what a coincedence I just posted some kind of lolita outfit as well. But mine isn't even half as good as yours. Did you make that dress? it's gorgeous!!
    xoxo Keki

  2. maxime broeders21 juli 2012 om 19:23

    Ik heb dit gelezen toen ik opzoek was naar iris van herpen.Ik zit in de 2e van het sintlucas in boxtel en zoek een stage.
    Mijn vraag was hoe je bij iris van herpen terecht bent gekomen?
    Heb je gebeld of contact op genomen via haar mail op de officiele site?

    Ik hoop dat je me alsjeblieft wat advies zou kunnen geven zodat ik bij iris van herpen zou kunnen solliciteren.

    Gr Maxime Broeders

  3.  I loved your lolita dress. you look so cute!
    I've sold all my dresses >__<
    hope I can wear lolita again soon~

  4. wow..... so pretty girl
    i love your hair and you have so a cute face for a sweet lolita so perfect
    wonderful..... (///∇//)

  5. Awh you look so cute! Love the dress!

  6. Ahh that dress is stunning~ You are so skilled :O!! I think you look beautiful like that~

  7. Red hair really suits you! ^^ I like the 500 shades hahahah, I used to have my hair between bright red and dark red! <3
    And you look so cute in that lolita dress ;_____; and handmade^? you are my hero xD

  8. Candy Sue Von Diamond21 juli 2012 om 19:23

    *O* *O* *O* *O* PRETIEST!!! you look soooo sweet!! :D I envy you because it fits you really well! Don´t worry about the extensions! :O It isn´t goes bad! It gives other look!
    Your eyes are incredible! What kind of lenses have you got? I want the same if it goes on me as well as in your eyes! (envy envy envy!! hahahahaha)

  9. awh you look lovely! its strange to see you in lolita hehe :) youre lucky both gyaru and lolita suit you so well!

  10. so pretttyyyyyy! like a cute puppy ~ i really like your style =*w*=
    ♥ ♥

  11. I adore that dress! So cute :D
    Your hair looks gorgeous (=w=)

  12. that's really cute!!
    I always want to try lolita XD
    but I can't make my own clothes and purchasing lolita dress is kidda expensive here = =;

  13. I still love that dress on you :D And your hair looks great ♥

  14. The dress is gorgeous!! Did you sew it?