vrijdag 6 april 2012

Circle lenses, take care of your eyes please!

Hello everybody!

Recently I've read a post about how a defective pair of circle lenses ruined someone's eyes. I think some of you might have read it allready but I would really like for those of you who do wear lenses to please read this post.


I personally have to admit that I never really took great care of my lenses. I would keep them in for long periods of time, longer than the recommended period of time. After I have read this post, and I feel very sorry for the girl, I decided to take better care of both my eyes and my lenses. Because no matter how much I love circle lenses, I love my eyes and my vision more. And I would really like to 'warn' those of you who wear lenses. PLEASE be carefull, please trow your lenses away when their either passed their expire date, they hurt your eyes in any way, if they have a little tear in them or look of feel in any way defective.
Today I trew out a big amount of my lenses, which I think were passed their expire date, this including my favorite lenses, the sesame grey. Im a little sad about it but honestly, I rather buy new lenses than have my vision damaged and never return again.

Here are the ones I trew out,                                   and these are the ones remaining, not a lot eah?

Like I said, I would like to advise everyone to read that post because it could be of great importance to you. This girl had something horrible happen to her, but she is really honest and I really appreciate her sharing her story.

Please take care of your eyes lovelys <3

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  1. I also threw my old lenses out a while ago, thanks for posting this on your blog and helping to inform people.

  2. I read the post as well.
    I feel really sorry for the girl, and I think it's a good thing you threw the old lenses out. You could even get eye infections or whatnot with regular prescipted lenses (this happened to a friend of mine who luckily went to see a doctor straight away, else she would have been partly blind as well).
    Sticking things into your eyes is never okay, but if you make sure everything is clean!

  3. The support from other bloggers for her has been lovely. Definitely a wake up call to other users of circle lenses to look after them a whole lot more.

    This has been the exact reason why I've been afraid of buying circle lenses. Doesn't seem like a great idea now!

  4. kirakiramidnightcircus21 juli 2012 om 19:22

    I honestly believe she was given fake lenses... As silly as it sounds, GEO's right when they say: "Your eyes are too precious for fake lenses!"

    From now on, I'm only buying lenses with authenticity stickers verified online! Fake lenses are so dangerous, nobody should take a chance on them.

  5. Really thanks!

    I never buy a pair of lenses that I never saw on reviews T_T I'm cautelous!
    Really useful entry! Kisses dear N_N

  6. This is actually one of the reasons I'm afraid to wear lenses, but thank you for making other girls aware. 

  7. I've read her post also.
    And yeah,I think it make all the girls wearing lens alert about it including me >_<;
    I have to take care of those things more.

  8. On New Years I threw away all my 2011 lenses because I know I'd not looked after them properly :(
    Hysteric Mint's story is so bad :( but I am really glad she has spoken up about it!
    Theres a real nice unity formingwith bloggers about it