maandag 9 april 2012

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!

How are you doing? ^^ This post might be a little late, but considering this is the 2nd day of easter I'd say I'm only 50% late haha. I want to wish you all a happy easter ! I hope everyone is having a good time :)

I didn't do much this easter, since both me and my mom are agreeing that easter celebrations are getting out of hand just like the christmas ones. People buy shitloads of food and eat all day, and since on easter morning we were just with the two of us I decided to make a small breakfast for my mom, nothing too special, just an extra egg and some bread haha. I also made dinner, but unfortunatly I didn't take pictures of it, eventhough it was really delicious! I made Paprikas filled with cous cous, feta and sundried tomatoes, and some potatoes with some herbs on the side, really tasty :) And since we all love pictures of food, here is the breakfast haha

On the right a little butterlamb my grandmother always makes during easter :) I dont really like butter, but they're always so cute ^^

The rest of the day it was just me and my mom drinking coffee and watching movies :) I watched the hangover with her and I was suprised she liked it haha. But since I took a little time off that day I decided to put on some make-up (yup, too lazy to wear make-up lately u_u). Nothing really special, I was trying to go for something a little spring like but unfortunatly I don't have a lot of make-up here. (In case I forgot to tell, I quasi moved in with my mom again to finish my graduation collection, there just wasn't enough room in my own house so I moved here and made a studio of the top floor xD) I took a light blue color from my mom and it turned out silver, but either way, here is my cut crease look of that day :) As you can see, nothing really special, no false lashes, no lenses, and no hairmake. Forever crying about the natural state of my hair haha, it is so incredibly frizzy D:

So today, on the second day of easter (which isn't over yet) my sister invited me, my mom, other sisters and grandparents to eat at her new place, she finally got her own apartement yay~! It was really tasty but I completely forgot to take pictures of the food haha. Unfortunatly today is a really grey, cold and rainy day so I'm inside working on my collection u_u But I took some time to make this random blogpost for you all!
What did you do this easter? ^^ I hope everyone is not yet sick of the chocolate eggs 8D I love them, but I really need to get back on track with my diet again tomorrow haha

Love you all <3

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  1. yess ~ chocolate eggs.. diet... how true. i need to be careful, too! >.<" the breakfast looks amazing; very delicious and inviting :3
    you did a great job on your makeup!!!
    ♥ ♥

  2. Beautiful eye makeup as always! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3.  Totally love that make-up!! ♥

  4. Awah, your make-up was awesome!!
    We don't do too much things on easter too. My family all went to my grandma place to the lunch and that's all XD
    hope your easter was really good!

  5. Totally love that makeup!

  6. yummy.... :3 wonderful eastern break

    your make-up is beautiful <3 

  7. Your eye make up is so lovely! I might have to try and replicate it! ^_^

  8. I think your look is so cool! I love how you used the eyeshadows... 
    Also it seems like you have a great camera, pictures are just great! <3I'm already fed up of chocolate eggs, had too much... x_x will start dieting again tomorrow >.< 
    xoxo :)

  9. you don't need lashes and lenses. you are sooooooooooooooooo pretty!!! your eyes are awesome :)

  10. That's nice,I never celebrate Easter and don't even how how they celebrate it XDD

    I think you look good this way also ^^

  11. Happy Easter!
    Im sssssuuuper sick of the chocolate eggs. I got a chocolate overload, haha!
    I loooove your makeup and for some reason i haven't read your blog lately. Didn't see that you colored your hair red. It looks super good on you! <3