vrijdag 1 juni 2012

GGA, Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012!

The Gaijin Gyaru awards are up!As many of you might have allready seen, but I've been a bit of a slowepoke lately XD I've won in the category best hair styles and HYPER won most stylish gal circle, Im so happy and so proud and I want to thank all of you that voted for us and me once again! As you can see I am a bit overwhelmed in my video so I feel like I look pretty stupid but oh well xD

A special shout-out for Lhouraii li for organizing all of this and putting all of her time and effort in it, this years awards are a true masterpiece and you can see how much Lhouraii had improved her editing! I'm really thankfull that she put together these awards because of all the happyness it brings, and I think that is something we should focus on with this community <3

Sorry for the random update, but Im sure that within a month Ill be able to post to the fullest again! <3

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i tagged you my dear :)


  2. Cooongrats on the winning! it was really deserved ^^

  3. Congratz ^ ^
    You're so cute in the vdo :D

  4. Congradulations! I'm late I know
    I had heard about the awards but never got around to finding more about them.
    I recently found your blog a few days ago and I love it so much>.<
    About the awards:that was the best talent portion i've ever seen lol