vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Outfit Snap~

As some of you might have seen my previous post went really wrong, so no more posting from my phone for me xD

But to those who haven't seen it, here is a quick outfit snap of the day, showing off my new wig! :3
My body proportions look really strange in the snap for some reason but oh well!


I also made a little detachable collar, totally planning on making more of these! <3

I will soon make another lens review and I'm planning on doing my very first Vlog tomorrow! I hope you will like it and if not, I am so very sorry :c <3 I'm really shy when it comes to talking to other people/ in front of a camera so I want to train my convidence by making some vlogs and more tutorials u_u

See you soon! <3

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with the vlogging! ^^ I find that I can't speak to a camera / computer (even someone on Skype!) if other people can hear me..! XD It's silly but I can't help it...

  2. Aww cute! I love your new wig! :DD and that collar is divine!