zondag 24 juni 2012

[Sponsored] Shopingholics Review; Luxury Babe 12 Brown (On light eyes!)

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you a review on the Luxury Babe 12 Brown circle lenses sponsored by Shoppingholics! Shoppingholics was kind enough to provide me these lenses in brown, and grey! The review on the grey ones will be up after this one, because I thought seperate reviews would be better.

So lets start with the details of these lenses!

Design/ Colour 4.5/5
I was amazed by the design and the colour of these lenses! As you might know I am used to very dramatic lenses, but as the times are changing I slowly felt more attracted towards natural looking lenses. Lately I've also been looking into gold lenses so I thought these new lenses would be perfect and they are! They have a very colourfull design, with a small black edge, which is often a must in my lenses. The design has quite some transparent parts which makes the blend with the eyes rather natural, eventhough my eyes are light blue. And the colour, really, wow! Every single time I try brown lenses they turn this weird kind of olive green on my eyes but these really remain golden and very light! The actual design is a little 'small' so you often see my own iris, but it is less obvious in real life than that it is currently in the pictures.

Comfort 5/5
They are really comfortable! They really do not bother me at all, the only thing is that they are a little hard to put in as they are really soft and keep folding around my finger. But other than that they're great!

Enlargement 4/5
Okaaay so now for the enlargement, the thing I've always had a problem with when it comes to natural lenses as I personally think a big dark edge is always optically enlarging whilest natural lenses often miss this. These lenses however have a little dark edge which still enlarges them, but not as much as the really dramatic ones that are also 15 mm.

Overall 4.5/5
I really recommend these lenses if you are looking for nice, natural looking gold lenses! The colour is really light and vivid with great coverage, the blank space in the center however is rather large which makes your own iris show up a lot, and in my case it's really noticable with my blue eyes. Though I think if you have brown/hazel eyes it will be less noticable! Really comfortable, and enough enlargement, so overall they're great! :)

Here are some more pictures!

Ring Flash

Window Light

Looking like a little snob while camwhoring 8'D

So for these lenses and many others, please check out Shoppingholics! Also, be sure to like their facebook page for updates on sales, contests, new products and reviews! Check the sidebar for a coupon that will knock $2 off your order! :D

Next review will be the grey version of these lenses, please stay tuned! <3

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  1. Schundliteratur21 juli 2012 om 19:12

    Which model are your false lashes? They look gorgeous!

  2. omg your makeup is so perfect! WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF YOU BEFORE?! D:

  3. You look so perfect in the window light photo! *o*

  4. you are so gorgeous! i cant even handle it! :DDD <333

  5. so so pretty! I'm glad to hear they're comfortable, now I just might buy a pair!

  6. The colour really is beautiful! :D I love the look of golden eyes! ^_^

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  8. Oh wow, they're so pretty! *_* Me wants *_*

  9. your natural color eye is really beautiful *-*

  10. Oh my, you have such beautiful eyes <3 thank you for the review :)

  11. These lenses are awesome on you !!