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Style confusion, I feel outdated.

Hii everyone!

Today I want to talk about a topic that has been bugging me for quite a while, especially during the period I've been really busy. First of all, I had no time to do anything about my looks, I pretty much looked like a hobo the entire time, which also really made me lose my confidence within the gal style. My outfits didn't contain much more than jeans and a shirt, and that is something I usually never wear as I find  jeans one of the most uncomfortable clothing pieces and I mostly wear skirts or dresses.  A lot of new trends have been popping up, and I start feeling outdated. A lot of the gyaru styles became more cute, and less sexy. Though when I started gyaru, a lot of styles put a lot of emphasis on looking sexy, with a dash of cute. Whilest nowadays a lot of trends are mostly cute, and some are even extremely basic, which takes away some of it's magic. The make-up has become lighter, the giant hairdo's have faded to the background, and nearly every gal you see has a milk tea kind of hair colour. So being absent from following the style or it's trends for a while due to my busy schedule I feel like I'm a little lost. Not only on what the current trends are, but also regarding what style to pick. I've been into Rokku and Koakuma/ Agejo style for a long while, whilest now, maybe it is just because summer is kicking in, I've been falling in love with the cute and pastel coloured retro girly. However, I find it hard to let go of my old habbits, I often wear black, wether it is in gyaru or everyday wear, and I am afraid that pastel coloured items just might not suit me. I do not believe I have the 'cuteness' factor to pull it of. Nevertheless I'm willing to try it out and I certainly have some ideas of clothing pieces I want to make. I will show you some examples of what I like most about these certain styles.
Sakurina has always been one of my favorite models and prime examples when it comes down to style, because for some reason she has the ability to make everything look gal. She honestly can pull of any look, but the look she is most known for is her take on Rokku, she can make it look edgy, punky, colourfull and sometimes even cute. Whilest on the other hand she can pull of pastel coloured ruffle skirts and lace tops with flowers as if they were made for her. I've always envied the way she looks and I know I'll never be able to pull of this much fabulousness, but she will remain a constant source of inspiration for sure. The scan above is probably one of my favorites.
I will now show you some compilations of styles I made that I really like.
Ora Ora/ Kuronba (Still not sure how it is called specifically)

This I find rather undefined, but it lays between the lines of Ora ora and Koakuma for me.
This, to me is what defines Koakuma, I'll forever be in love with the pink patterend x black combination
A lighter version of Koakuma, I wonder if it would still be called that though ..

And last but not least, the adorable retro girly style.

As you can see there is quite a big gap between the first and the last collages, but the truth is, I adore both looks. Though I am currently wondering if the retro girly is just a summer fling eventhough I have always been attracted to pastel colours and cute stuff. I do wonder if I'd be able to pull it of, the look is quite childish, and I often feel as if I am way to old for gal, or certain looks. And as I have said before, maybe I just don't have the cuteness factor to pull this look of. The Rokku style slightly relates to how I dress on an everyday basis, often black, and skull printed shirts or accesoires with crosses. Though with gal, I find it rather hard to pull off without looking too 'Goth'. I find it hard to find my own style within these styles, though on the other hand I shouldn't really have to pick. I just wished there was a style that could be iconic to me, such as Rokku is to Sakurina, and Koakuma to Himena, or as other western gals have a strongly developed style of their own that represents them. Or do you feel as if there already is a style that represents me? I honestly wouldn't know, and I think I should just try out Retro girly as it is a more suitable summer look than rokku ever will be haha.

So how do you feel about your own style? Do you think there is a style that represents yourself or that you are able to fully commit to? Or are some of you, just like me, a little lost in confused between the large variety of styles that gyaru has to offer? I would love to hear your stories so please share them with me if you like :)

I think I will make another post with the breakdown of hair and make-up, and how that has changed u_u

Thanks to everyone for reading this post, I'm sorry for the long rant! <3

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  1. lately I've really been into the retro girl style but I still like darker, edgier clothes, so I try to combine them because I like the way edgy and girly look together. But I don't think you should feel like you have to chose a certain style, that way it stops being fun. You should just wear what you like, and what you feel like that day :) ohh and I think you would also look good in a cuter outfit

  2. Geen probleem, gelukkig kan ik ook Nederlands. :p

    Mja sowieso met allerlei verschillende stijlen, zowel in lolita als in gyaru heb je dat er gemixed wordt en dan de scheidingslijn tussen stijlen zo dun is geworden, dat het soms ook gewoon moeilijk is om te zien welke naam je er nou weer aan moet geven. En eigenlijk maakt het ook niet zo uit wat voor een naam eraan wordt gegeven, zolang het outfit maar leuk is. :p Dus ja, dan heb ik liever dat het gewoon ook lekker onder hime-kaji wordt geschaard dan dat er een subsubsubsub-stijl van gemaakt wordt. XD

    En wat betreft de retro girly stijl, ik denk dat het ook prima zal werken op jouw figuur hoor. In die stijl heb je toch een duidelijke vibe en kleuren/printjes/accessoires/details en dergelijke die de stijl maken, en de pasvorm moet je gewoon aanpassen aan je lichaam. Ik zie op die foto's ook een paar meiden met een riem in de taille, en zoiets past natuurlijk perfect bij een zandloper model! Dus als je met de jurkjes/rokjes je eigen figuur in de gaten houdt en je kleedt naar je lichaam, kan je evengoed nog een perfecte retro girly look maken. En je hoeft je lichaam ook weer niet te verbergen. Je hebt een prachtig lichaam, gewoon de punten accentueren waar je trots op bent! :D
    En succes bij de primark. Ik was er vorige week, maar ik heb eigenlijk niet opgelet of ze kleding hadden in die stijl. (ik was opzoek naar zwarte basic items, dus keek niet echt naar wat er verder was. :p) En ik denk dat mintgroen je ook prachtig zal staan, zeker bij je haarkleur.

    En ja, ik heb nog steeds dat ik me niet echt thuis voel in 1 bepaalde stijl. Ja ik voel me thuis in gothic, maar dat is een paraplu term van verschillende substijlen, en dáárbinnen weet ik ook niet welke stijl het beste bij me past.
    Het nadeel is ook dat ik zo veel dingen leuk vind bij andere mensen en op plaatjes enzo, maar als ik het aantrek, voel ik me er niet in thuis. :S
    Ik heb nu wel dat ik me een beetje ga richten op deathrock, romantic goth, glamrock, new romantics en new wave stijlen. Die zijn op zich wel redelijk verschillend, maar ze hebben ook wel weer een overlap. Sommige shirtjes van de romantic goth passen weer bij new romantics en new wave stijlen, sommige deathrock items kunnen weer in een meer glam achtige look, etc. En misschien dat ik door die stijlen te mixen mijn eigen stijl kan vinden, en er misschien een signature-VelvetBat-twist aan kan geven. Dan heeft het misschien niet echt een label, maar als ik me er thuis in voel vind ik het best. :) misschien kan je zo iets ook doen voor jou met je gyaru stijl.

    En het internet staat bordevol met inspirerende dingen, wat aan de ene kant natuurlijk fijn is, maar aan de andere kant ook soms te veel keuzes geeft waardoor het moeilijker is om te kiezen. XD
    Daarom probeer ik me nu ook niet te veel te richten op de stijlen die ik leuk vind en daarbinnen een inspiratie te vinden, maar een lijst te maken met dingen die ik leuk vind (getoupeerd haar, plateauzolen, luipaardprintjes, veel zwart, leren jasjes met patches, om maar wat te noemen) en dan daarmee te werken om een stijl te creeren waar ik me goed in voel.

    Ik kijk erg uit naar je volgende post dan, want die breakdown klinkt wel erg interessant. :)

    En ja, voor westerse meiden wordt het steeds moeilijker om er gyaru uit te zien, zeker als ze dan ook nog eens westerse merken gaan dragen.
    Onee gal, dat is toch een beetje wat Monica Tang droeg? (die staat me in elk geval ng bij van die gaijin gyaru awards binnen die categorie)
    Ik heb wel eens onee opgezocht toen ik binnen gyaru nog opzoek was naar een meer volwassenere stijl, en ik vond het op zich wel mooi ja. Maar ik las ook dat je dan juist meer van die dure designer dingen moest dragen? :S
    En hoe bedoel je dat je je er niet gal genoeg in voelt? Omdat gal voor jou groot (agejo) haar betekent ofzo, en die stijl dat mist?
    Want no matter what you post, ik vind je echt zeker weten er gal uitzien in je outfit snapshots hoor!

    (en lol, lange reply is weer lang. :') )

  3. Aww I hope you can find the confidence to get back into your old style again! I'm certain that those outfits would look amazing on you! I do think it might be hard to start again, but I hope you will enjoy it as much as you did when you first started, Its hard to get out of a dip but once you get back on top Im sure youll feel great! <3

    And thank you so much, I really appreciate that! <3

  4. It's nice that to know that I am not alone in this :D

    And what you stated there is very true, and I do often see trends coming along that aren't really my thing, and I soon feel outdated because of the fact I stick to the trend that was down some months ago you know? Though with lolita, I am sad to see that the true old school is gone, I started lolita in 2002/2003 and back then you'd be called an ita with a lace cake on your head haha xD

    The everlasting love hate relationship with jeans, they're uncomfortable (atleast on me), they're damn casual and they're way expensive, but they're so damn easy haha xD

    I think I once saw a spread in ageha where the gals dressed as regular supermarket employees or something of the sort, they still nailed it ;n;

  5. Thank you for your comment! :)

    I totally get how you're feeling! Aside from gyaru I love pin up as well (and vintage style clothes, granny dresses ftw) but it is so hard to upkeep so many different style elements!
    Though no matter how much I love certain styles, I often feel I leave the house extremely boring, as I said especially in the last few months where I didn't do anything but to put on pants, a shirt and tie my hair in a bun u_u I felt so casual, and that I lack all kinds of personality, but on the other hand, when I went out in outfits that were nice and creative, I felt as if I was way overdressed! Its a strange way of thinking u_u
    Aside from all that clothes indeed are an expression of how you feel on the inside, and thus have a great variety :)

    Thanks again for your sweet words, And I hope all goes well for you <3

  6. Jaaaa jij bent supercute in retro girly, zonder grap <3 Ik denk overigens helemaal niet dat je er sletterig uit zou zien in koakuma, hoewel ik wel vind dat je als westerse een beetje moet uitkijken met netkousen en kousenbandjes etc, wij hebben namelijk benen en de aziatische dames hebben stokjes, waardoor het er een stuk minder sensueel uit ziet haha

  7. That is very true, haters gonna hate haha u_u

    I knew the difference, but a while back this style was just called ora ora or tsuyome, but when the sukebans tumblr began everything got a different name lol, IM SO BAD WITH CHANGES

  8. Ik ga eventjes in het nederlands verder want ik heb een beetje last van brainderps, en in het nederlands gaat het wat sneller hahaIk denk dat himekaji een hele grote noemer is (geworden). Dingen die roze, frilly, en cute zijn worden snel himekaji genoemd, maar ik denk dat dit er inderdaad ook onder kan vallen :)En je hebt gelijk wat betreft het dragen van dat wat ik wil, ik ben echter snel bang dat het me niet staat en dat mensen het me niet zullen zeggen u_u ik vind retro girly superleuk, maar ik denk dat o.a. de vorm van mijn lichaam dit niet ten goede komt, omdat ik een behoorlijk zandloper figuur heb komen de jurkjes er anders uit dan hoe ze op die japanse meiden staan. Bij rokku bijvoorbeeld kan je je lichaam nog verbergen onder veel lagen, en ik denk dat als je dat bij deze stijl doet dat het snel een soort mori girl wordt ... maar misschien moet ik het inderdaad gewoon uitproberen! Ik ga woensdag naar de primark om te kijken wat ze daar hebben en ik heb nog wat lieve mintkleurige stofjes liggen waar ik wat dingetjes van na wil gaan maken enzo :)Ik probeer inmiddels ook een mooie overlap te vinden tussen alle stijlen, de een die meer naar rokku neigt, en dan de ander die meer richting het schattige retro girly neigt, het is wel lastig maar ik hoop dat ik wat leuke outfits kan bedenken voor ik naar japan ga hahaDankjewel :) Ik ben blij dat te horen, omdat ik me nogsteeds niet helemaal thuis voel in 1 bepaalde stijl, maar ik denk dat dat een probleem is waar jij ook heel lang mee hebt lopen kampen, toch? Maar ja, misschien hoef ik me ook niet te binden aan 1 stijl inderdaad, ik denk dat mn volgende post een breakdown gaat worden in abstractere vormen die ik leuk vind, wie weet maak ik daar gewoon m'n shopping list van om consistency in m'n stijl te krijgen :DIk ben ook erg bang dat gyaru veel te casual gaat worden, vooral omdat het voor westerse meiden al lastig is om er gyaru uit te zien, en als gyaru dan alleen maar casual H&M kleding gaan dragen wordt het helemaal niet te doen u_u ik blijf toch wel bij de iconische stijlen, de laatste tijd trekt onee enzo me ook wel, maar dat is vooral door de zachte maar toch nog dramatische make-up en de draagbaarheid van de outfits, maar ik voel me er toch nooit gal genoeg in u_u

    Een stijl vinden waar je je goed in voelt is zo lastig, hoewel ik toch bij jou vind dat goth je altijd goed staat, in welke vorm je het ook draagt. Maar er is natuurlijk, vooral ook door het internet, zoveel inspiratie te vinden, en hoe sterk dat ook kan varieren, ik denk dat er toch altijd ergens een punt is in al die inspiratie die je het meest aanspreekt en dat dan de kern van je stijl moet zijnwooow ik heb een lange comment terug gemaakt haha

  9. Thank you so much! :) And I indeed think it also has a lot to do with perspective, by people outside of the gal style, and by people in the gal style. Though I do feel that rock gyaru is not something that is truely welcomed in the current gyaru community as a lot of new gen gals see gyaru as popteen, cute liz lisa dresses etc etc. u_u

  10. I felt that I really needed to comment on this post because it could have been my own words a couple of months ago.

    My style is really, really varied! Even though it is not gal, I can really relate to your issue, but my confusion was between rock themed clothing, pin up style and clothing suitable for my law studies. But after some serious raids in my wardrobe where I the other day sorted out my rock themed clothing or the other the pin up clothing and the third day cried because I felt boring with only my 'mature clothing' or frustrated the days I wore rock themed clothing and felt that I was way to old for this kind of clothing .... I realised that clothing represent my mood for the day or the week and that all my different styles represented my personality. I wasn't my clothes the clothes I wore was me, therefore they varied. And the road from wearing all black towards cute and pastel coloured clothing is quite long and hard but worth it, it is all about letting go of your own stereotypical view of yourself and progress in whatever pace you feel comfartable with. And most important, not get insecure when people comment on how different you look in your new cute clothing and don't smack those idiots that ask/stated that you've finally grown up from your childish black period. 

    And nowadays, even if I still can't see it, people tell me I have such an unique style that is me (I still feel like I'm changing style everyday but obviously others don't). So I think that even if your style varies there is always something that makes all outfits unique for you, even if it is hard to see for yourself. 

  11. I feel the same way!  I agree with everything you wrote! And I love the inspo pics you chose!!

    The hard thing for me with gyaru (as opposed to other styles) is that it's totally based on trends.  And what if a trend comes along and I hate it?  Do I give up on gyaru?  A lot of trends come and go that I don't like!  With lolita, for example, the trends are very subtle.  I may not like a current trend but the clothes I bought a year or two ago are never "out of style."  Not so with gyaru.  

    And, like you, I find myself wearing jeans a lot even though I hate jeans!  They're just easy, I guess.  I doubt you look like a hobo, though!  A real hobo complimented my beat-up, old Converse the other day and I thought, "Wow, I really need new shoes..."

    BTW, Sakurina is fierce.  I bet she could make even a McDonald's uniform look gyaru!  :D

  12. This post was touching.

    When I first started dressing gyaru style, I fell head over heels for koakuma/agejo style. Trends went too fast for me to catch up and before knew it. I was wearing my "normal" clothes more often. I stopped completely. I have a trunk in my closet with all my beautiful, sexy ma*rs and golds infinity outfits. Sure I can just get rid of it, But i'm still holding on to them. I'm slowly starting all over again by doing my hair and makeup at least. Fashion, still not there yet.

    Hope you find you way! You may not think so, But I always thought you had personal style!


    Lana Isabelle

  13. Haha, I really understand what you're talking about.. ^^; 

    But it was the other way round for me. 
    At the beginning I was more into the cute retro girly look... Eventhough I came from the VK scene. Very strange, indeed. 
    But I soon realized I didn't feel well with that cute-girly style.. 
    And then I discovered Rokku, Ora Ora Kei and Kuronba/96gal and it all made sense to me, kinda, haha! |D 
    Not being cute but sexy and tough as gyaru is what I want to be now and what makes me most happy. I still love Ma*rs though.
    But I agree with you, that it goes more and more into a very cute and non-sexy direction somehow regarding magazines and stuff.. 
    Anyways.. I think what suits one most is what you want to wear actually! 
    So if you want to wear a more retro girly style, than just do it! ^__^ <3

  14. I think that anything you'll choose will suit you ^^

  15. honestly, have fun with wearing the clothes u like! don't think too much about if it suits u or not, try it, and u will see :3 I'm sure the cute styles would look very good on u too! Just having fun with trying out new things, I think it's the most important thing for every style. fashion should make u having fun, not worrying about how it would look on u :3 u'll rock it ♥ I'm sure

  16. Kari van der Voort21 juli 2012 om 19:12

    Je weet, laatste ben ik :P
    Alhowel ik Koakuma er ook leuk uit vind zien, maar wss als ik het aantrek zie ik er slutty uit >.<;;;
    Lol I like it allll XD maar voornamelijk de laatste.

  17. You can go for feminine pastels without looking like mutton dressed as lamb! Some of the summer items seem to sit comfortably between girly and mature (a little bit onee). :) There's not harm in buying a couple of things you love and wearing one code to see how you feel about it. And I'm sure everyone agrees that you could pull off cute easily..! ^_~

    Personally, I love a range of styles, but I'm always more attracted to that sexy-tough-cute blurry area between rokku, ora ora and agejo. I'm terrible when it comes to actually dressing gal, though. ^^;;Hugs! <3

  18. I get you completely, that's what I had a while back. What helped me is know that I can do anything I'd like to do. You can do any style you want or like to do, you're the one that's gonna wear it. If others dont like it when you dress retro, well fuck them too (ú A ú). You're not too old for gal, there are 30+ year olds who do gal, so dont you daaaaaaaaare say you're too old for dis shiz >:U

    Also, Ora ora and Kuronba/96 gal are 2 different things. What you listed is kuronba/96 :3 is a good ora ora and kuronba blog, just in case you'd like to check it out :3

  19. Very interesting post, and a lot of lovely pictures! Personally in gal, I could never find my own style too. I felt too gothy for it as well. (but then again, I probably didn't feel comfortable in gal either because it is so girly and sexy, and I am an asexual transguy. So yeah...)

    Anyways, back to your post. First of all, that lighter version of koakuma you posted, isn't that called hime-kaji?

    But then about you fitting a cute style like retro girly or not. From my experience, I found out that it doesn't matter how you look whenever you can or can't pull of a style. It is if you feel comfortable and confident in a style or not. Even if you have all the 'right' features for a cute innocent retro girly look, if you feel more like a tough biker chick who hates pastels for example, you won't be able to pull it off.
    Now you said that you felt more comfortable with blacks and such. Blacks indeed suit you. But then again I have seen outfits from you in other colours as well (like a couple of shiro coords) and I think that light colours suit you as well. So I think that if you want to know if the retro girly style suits you are not, you just have to try to find out.

    And yeah, if you compare the retro girly style with the rokku style, it is a HUGE difference. But if you take all those styles in between, I think that it is a nice overlap and that some items can work with more than one style. Like some items can work with a rokku style and an ora ora kei style, but maybe also in a koakuma style. And some koakuma stuff work with hime-kaji as well.

    To be honest, I think so far, a lot of styles suit you. And yeah, there are some (gaijin) gyaru out there who have this 1 iconic style which suit them very well. But you are lucky to have more styles that suit you, and I have always find it interesting when people give their own twist or signature to a look, instead of looking like a magazine-model-copy.

    And personally I find it sad to see that gyaru is starting to look so plain to me. The thing that got me into gyaru in the beginning was the huge differencewith hair and make-up. But now, they just look like regular girls to me, but then with some circle lenses. But then again, I have also seen more and more circle lenses in the Netherlands, and people who don't do gyaru wear them as well, so if this trend goes on, I think in about 2 years from now you won't even see much of a difference between a (gaijin) gyaru and a regular western fashionable girl.

    And in general, I know what you feel. I quit gyaru, but even outside from gyaru I feel lost too and have no idea what style(s) to wear... -__-

  20. I haven't been part of gyaru for a long time but still like the style (on others) I really want to let you know though that I never thought of you as goth. People who don't know about gyaru might think so though, so I can understand your point. I always felt like your darker style is what make you, you. I can't really give you tips but I hope you can figure out a style that makes you feel comfortable because I personally think you're one of the best Western gyaru around. 

  21. I really love Koakuma style besides Himekei XD
    But clothes they sell here are mostly Retro with I think it's too light to be called gyaru =3=

  22. I feel the same way! I really love a lot of different styles, and I think in gyaru it is good to be so flexible since styles tend to change so easily! I haven't been really keeping up with the seasons since I've been working so much but :<