vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Berlin Day 1 // Arrival

Hello Everyone!

So here I am with my Berlin stories! They might sound weird as I have been typing them on the actual days but as I had to pay 5 euros an hour for internet in the Hotel I decided to write the stories and publish them later! So eventhough these posts will now come within the next couple of days, they have all been written on the actual days, while my memory was still fresh haha

Let me first explain to some that this is a graduation gift from both my Grandfather and Grandmother, to go on a trip with just my grandmother :) I've always wanted to go to either Berlin on London so they decided to present me with this amazing gift, a trip to berlin! Extremely happy ofcourse :) So the first day of Berlin! Well it is less spectacular than it might sound as we left the Netherlands by train on Sunday at 7:30, and due to one hell of a trip we had arrived at the hotel around 18:00. My grandfather calculated a walking route to the hotel, we stayed at van der Valk, from a trainstation called Rangsdorf. 2,1 km the computer said, bring it on I thought, 2 km is next to nothing. Though while we were trying to find our way to the hotel every person we came across looked at us as if we were out of our minds and said that the hotel was about 4 km, and we had to walk through forrests with all our luggages. After walking for about an hour we had finally reached the hotel, and just as we were in a massive rainstorm came down with lots of thunder etc etc. I was so happy that we didn't had to walk that road we just had in the rain with all our luggage, it would've been near to impossible. Here are some impressions of the storm xD


The room we we're staying in is great, really big with a huge bathroom and a balcony! I'll just show you some pictures again, as they are much more awesome than me blabbing on :)


We decided that we had traveled for long enough today so we went for dinner at the hotel. I wasn't too hungry so I took what was called a big salad, which usually are still very small, but this one was indeed big and I was just able to eat it all, I felt as if I was exploding haha. My grandmother took the vegetarian quiche, which too was huge! She was only able to finish half of it haha.


We drank some tea and planned our next day in Berlin, lots of sightseeing! But that will be in tomorrow's post, till then! <3

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  2. That looks so great!
    Wanna go on some graduation trip also but we don't have such a plan of doing it here =3=;

  3. cool! berlin isn't that big deal for me, since i live in germany, but it'S great for you. a trip with grandma is so sweet. i'd love to have a trip with my grandma, too *Q*
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