zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Berlin Day 2 // Sightseeing

Hello everyone! <3

Here is the second update on Berlin, we went sightseeing!

We decided that for today we would go sightseeing and we made a small route with where to go, and we decided to stay around the area of Unter den Linden :)

The first item on our list was the Brandenburger Tor, which is this sort of immense arch, which I am not sure what it stands for, all I know is that the whole place was absolutely packed with tourists haha. I also saw this awesome Darth Vader Chibi 'living statue' thing which was awesome, but I didn't want to be on a picture with it as I just knew I would have to pay money for it, so I just took some sneaky pictures of him xD

We were walking across the street Unter den Linden, which I assume is called that way because of the trees that are there, it reminded me a lot of streets in Paris by the overal layout of the street.
We went in some touristy shops, when I found Bubble tea at one store so I decided to treat my grandmother on a glass of bubble tea as I had totally been looking forward to it! Before we left I looked up the adres of a bubble tea place hoping I'd find it, only to find out that there is a bubble tea store at nearly ever corner of berlin xD Is it the same in the rest of Germany? As in the Netherlands it is hardly anywhere to be found, random stores are slowely popping up but they're still hard to find! Anyway, lets continue on Berlin XD
Awesome pug necklaces and flower rings, the prices were a little less awesome haha

We headed for the Friedrich Stra├če and Checkpoint Charlie, which is where the remains of the Berlin wall are suposed to be, though I personally found it rather dissapointing, it was once again extremely packed with tourists (I am one myself so no hard feelings or anything) but it was so intesnly crowded that I could hardly see anything and I got a little sick of all of these people. There weren't really remains of the wall, just a few pieces of stone that were standing there of which I am not sure if they were the actual wall or not as all the places I could possible look for information were filled with tourist groups that were listening to their guides. We then decided to head to the museumsinsel (Museum Island or something of that sort?), which had proven to be a bigger succes :)


As we were trying to find our way to the museumsinsel we stopped at the Deutsches Historisches Museum, because I saw there was an exhibition going on called 'Fashioning Fashion' which was a exhibition with amazing dresses from 1700 to 1915. I wish I could've taken pictures for you as these type of dresses are totally up my ally, and I was able to tell more about them than the little folder provided and my grandmother enjoyed it, and eventually there was also an old german couple that came to me with some questions and I was happy that I could awnser them for them haha! I felt as if I could've been a tourguide at that museum xD

After we were done at the exhibition we went to Alexander Platz in the hope that we would find some dinner, and eventually we found the kaufhaus where we ate at the topfloor. It was strangly expensive though as they had weigh and charged the salad by 100gr for 2 euro, the price soon went up and we didn't really expect that but oh well xD The store had some fun things, lots  

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  1. I really want to visit Berlin some time :)

  2. I totally get the too many tourists feeling! I visited Paris awhile ago during summer and it was almost impossible to enjoy some things because of the sheer amount of people wandering around getting in the way!
    Berlin is one place I want so much to visit, but haven't gotten the chance yet! So lucky! :)

  3. WOOOO DARTH VADER FTW! I would love to dress up as someone like that in a random square :P
    Lovin' the photos! :3