zondag 15 juli 2012

Berlin Day 3 // Kurfürstendamm (Shopping)

Soooo day 3!

Me and my grandmother decided to take a break from sightseeing and went on a little shoppingtrip, that still had some sightseeing included as we went to the Kurfürstendamm :)

Our inital plan was to go to a memorial church that had been bombed during the second world war, but unfortunatly we were left dissapointed as the church was covered with alluminum plates as apperantly they had been renovating it, so we couldn't see any of it ;n; They did however build a new church next to it as the other church was planned to be taken down but has now been kept as a memorial as long as it wouldn't collapse, here are some impression of the old and the new churches' interior

The old church's interior
The new church's interior
My grandmother lit a memorial candle~

After us visiting the churches, and having something to eat afterwards we started shopping around the Kurfürstendamm, they have a lot of departement stores everywhere, and it seems that germany has a different H&M for every category, one for sports, for lingerie, men, women, women casual, women divided, kids blah blah blah every little thing that the H&M has something for has been put in a different store and scattered around the streets lol. Maybe not that interesting, but I thought it was fun xD
Awesome Shoes and a Cat Cushion! The cat's on the cushion look like my cats haha

After we were done shopping we headed back for the Potsdammer Platz to go back home, but we had to wait at least an hour for our train, so we went into the little arcade they had there for some more shopping and dinner! We ate at this little café/ restaurant called Play Off which had this pin up like and american vibe and they had awesome burgers, including a vegetarian one! It was absolutely delicious!

Omnomnom Dinner!

Now I assume some of you might be really interested in what I bought that day, so, here is the haul!

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  1. just the H&M at Kurfürstendamm has more shops including different sections of their sortiment. normally it´s also one shop with all categories inside. but at Ku´damm you have a larger sortiment, so it´s splitted into different shops :)
    great post btw ^-^/


  2. Your dinner looks so yummy!!
    Wish I had such a dinner here but everyone will just say it'd only make me fatter ;w;