maandag 16 juli 2012

Berlin Day 4 // Potsdam

So after yesterday's shopping in the big city we decided that today we would go to Potsdam! Potsdam is a little town/city next to Berlin with a lot of old castles and pretty buildings :)

When we arrived at the Potsdam station we first had some bubble tea again, as we don't really have it near our place in the Netherlands we had yet another bubble tea :D This time I wanted to go for coffee flavour, but as they had ran out of the coffee syrup I went for the cookie flavour which too was great! My grandmother took the macha green apple flavour, and I hated it as I hate macha haha

The natural state of my hair, yes it's horrible and I need a haircut before I go to japan, badly xD

After drinking our tea and figuring where to go we went to the sancoussi park which is this enchanting park that has a great fairytale like vibe to it with pretty plants, castles, and paths leading you through the whole park! I don't think I have a lot to say about this as it is something I'd reccomend you all to see for yourself if you are ever in Berlin, but I shall show you a bunch of pictures I took! Luckily we didn't really have rain untill we left the park and headed back 'home' (to the hotel)




So, how do you like the pictures? You can see that at the end of our stay in that park the clouds started to get darker and darker which took away that adorable fairy tale vibe a bit, which transfers in the pictures, and Im just to lazy to edit the pictures haha. 

After our visit to the park we headed for the centre to eat something, and then take the train back to the hotel for dinner :) And with that our trip to Berlin was over, we had to start packing and leave to holland the next day! Check out of the Hotel and hop on the train to the Netherlands

I had a great time in Berlin, and I would love to see the city again, and maybe then meet some of you who live there ^^ 

I hope you enjoyed my posts, and I will soon leave for Japan so I hope I can make some more blogposts in between! <3

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