vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Gifted Arts ♥

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to make a small post on some adorable drawings I recieved! I never really expected that people would've actually liked to draw me so I feel so honoured I'm actually speechless by it ! I'm going to create a new part on my blog with these cute thing but first I'll show them to you! :3

Firstly, this awesome drawing made by Charlotte, isn't it great? She even included dirty Ed and my baby Pien! ;n; It's awesome and I can't wait for our Japan Adventures to start next week! :D

And look at this adorable chibi Rina drew for me! It was so sweet of her to include me in her Dutch Gyaru series and this chibi character is so cute, I can't compete with the cuteness! ;n;

Here is the rest of the crew, do you think you can gyess who is who? <3

Once again this is so adorable and I can't thank you enough ;n; <3 Waaaaaaaay to adorable!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Aww the chibis are super adorable ♥

  2. They're so cute!!
    It makes me want to draw to but I haven't drawn for such a long while and not sure if I still remember how to draw XD