dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Gyaru Meeting 2K12 @ Shibuya 109

Hello everyone!

After the big succes of our last meet-up in Shibuya, Tokyo, we, Charlotte and Rox are organizing another meeting during our stay in Japan!

We want to once again gather as many western gals as we can and strut around town! The plan is to meet up in front of Shibuya 109 at 13:00!

We will first do some shoppings in 109, and afterwards we will go take some Purikura (eggnam is closed so we will have to look for another spot but there are many around) and when we're done with taking purikura we will visit 10sion, the new gyaru café! We will have some drinks and something to eat, and after that we can always see who wants to actually go to dinner, and who wants to head home

We hope to see you all there, we surely can't wait!

Lots of Love,

Charlotte (Agejoperfect.blogspot.com) and Rox (woxje.blogspot.com)

For more information please check this Facebook Page! Be sure to put yourself on attending!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I read it here :c 

  2. This is great! I wish I could go T____T

  3.  So sad... I can't go to this meeting. I really want to see you and anotger gals. >< Please make a lot of pictures and show yours purchases. (Need to do shopping on the Shibuya 109)