donderdag 5 juli 2012

Primark Gets!

Hello Everyone!

I am here with a small update on my recent Primark gets! :D Yesterday I went shopping with Charlotte because I needed some more flat shoes that were comfortable to walk on during my trips to Berlin and Tokyo! I initially wanted some nice platform shoes that would go nice with pastel coloured outfits but unfortunatly they didn't have those at the Primark. I did get a lot of other stuff, and more importantly I had a lot of fun with Charlotte as I hadn't seen her in ages due to our very busy schedules! u_u We met up the day before too to get our accomodation in Tokyo sorted out, and to make all types of plans for Tokyo, I can't wait! :D

Now, lets get on with the gets!

Instead of the Platforms I was looking for I went for some nice brown oxfords, I think those will do great with pastel coloured outfits, the white sneakers will be turned into mint green, and the flip flops are for the showers in the dorm in Tokyo haha

Pants, Shorts and skirts! I needed some more of those haha, I totally fell in love with the lilac pants, and for only 5 euros I couldn't miss, just like the baggy floral pants (which are waaaaaaaaaay to long for me, lol im such a midget) which were only 3 euros, they're almost like pajama pants, but suitable enough for outer wear! And a typical black stretch skirts as I had lost my other one somewhere in my mother's house haha

Bold leopard and golden chain print, how could that possible go wrong? I just needed something that was this kitch! And a simple black tank top, works for everything :)

I loooove these earrings! And later on in the store I found this matching necklace, so awesome! The big floppy hat was only 1 euro (can you believe it?) and I needed a light coloured one so here it is!

For the first time the Primark sold some make-up! I love this palette as I love glitters and they basically work like glitter eyeliners which are pretty hard to find nowadays u_u

And now on to the outfit of the day!

I wore a casual rock-ish outfit, not to interesting haha. And I tried make-up in a sort of Jelly (magazine) style, I think it turned out pretty well, but messy as I didn't have to much time because I snoozed too long hahaha

That's it for now! I'm going to run to the train now as I am going to get my tattoo colored today! Yaaay, after that we will have the gyaru meet on saturday and on sunday I'm going to berlin, I'm so excited! I'm sorry if I wont be able to blog from the hotel as apperantly you have to pay for the Wifi in there, but I will do my best to keep you updated~! Keep an eye on my instagram banner next to my blog to see some random pictures! :)

Love to you all <3

5 opmerkingen:

  1. That chain top is gorgeous!

    In love with your eye make-up as usual. Your light eyes always show it off to perfection :)

  2. Love love love love love everything here! I love those shorts and your outfit is suuuuper cute. I think your makeup looks really good! A little messy screams rock, don't you think? 

  3. Isabel Martin Gonzalez21 juli 2012 om 19:12

    I love you make up. Really nice.