woensdag 18 juli 2012

Restyled my long wig!

Hii everyone!

I think some of you might remember my really really really long blonde wig? Well as much as I loved it I only wore it once because its rather unwearable, it gets stuck between the zipper of my coats and every now and then I even sat on it xD So I decided to cut it! I was a little anxious but I felt I couldnt really go wrong because otherwise I just wouldn't wear it ;n; I first brushed it for hours and hours, and then I started cutting, let me show you some pictures XD

This was the wig before, me all glamorous in my PJ's xD 

The damage dealt :')

And the result! Still glamorous in my pajamas without make-up, let me fix that with some better pictures! :')


Sooo what do you think ? ^^ I know it is a bit of a random post but still, I like the way these yellow lenses go with this wig :) Let me know what you think! This wig is allready packed for Tokyo, along with 5 other wigs haha xD I'm leaving next week Tuesday and I'm so excited! I honestly cant wait :D
See you again soon <3

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow you really made it look great! Long wigs are super hard to manage ;-; I had to cut mine because it got so tangled and knotted.

  2. I love how it looks after you changed so much, actually. It's gorgeous to have Rapunzel hair but I think it looks much more voluminous and even now, maybe because some weight is taken away? Or it seems like even just brushing it helped so much. Either way, it looks so great!! 

  3. Such a gorgeous wig! Looks good slightly shorter, too. Jealous!

  4. So beautiful as a blonde..! *o* You did a great job on the wig; it looks a million times better. X3

  5. It's definetly prettier when you cut it xD It also doesn't get tangled up as much as when it's super-long. A girl in my class has that long hair, and she has to comb it all day... Well, have fun in Japan!! : )

  6. Aah I love it! It looks absolutely gorgeous~ Maybe now it'll be easier to wear tehe :3

  7. WOW! The wig looks really good after you cut it!^^


  8. I think it looks great <3